Running & Mantra’s

This year I’ve started back running again after 6 months. I have to say I’m loving it. It’s hard going, I’m out of breath easily, but it’s me time. As I run I say a positive mantra and it’s like a form of meditation. Sometimes all I think about is “wow this is so hard” as I pant and struggle on, but every now and … Continue reading Running & Mantra’s


PHB Ethical Beauty Makeup Review

My sister bought me some PHB Ethical Beauty products for Christmas. I was so excited because there a family run business, natural, free from nasties and cruelty free. They also donate 20% of their net profits to charities so the company sounded right up my street. I was dubious though, because my experience with natural makeup has been a bit hit and miss. Besides if … Continue reading PHB Ethical Beauty Makeup Review


The Best of The Best (2016 Favourites)

When I decided to move my favourites from my YouTube channel to my blog, my next post should have been my December faves. I’ve decided to miss December and go straight to what I’d want to know, the best of the best for the whole year. I decided to just choose one winner from every category. It was so hard to pick, but needs must … Continue reading The Best of The Best (2016 Favourites)


January Goals & 2017 Theme

One of my favourite YouTubers for self-help/personal development stuff is Aileen from Lavendaire. She recently posted a video all about her theme for 2017. Having a theme for the year isn’t something I’ve ever done or really thought about, but I found the video really inspiring and thought it was a brilliant idea. So my theme for 2017 is to feel connected. I already had … Continue reading January Goals & 2017 Theme


2017 Let’s Be Amazing ♥

2017 I’m hopeful you’ll be amazing, not because I’ll be given everything I want, but because I’m going to give you everything I can. I’m going to give you my all. This year I’m going to be more grateful, more thankful and I’ll do my best to be positive. I can’t promise I’ll never cry or get mad, but I’m going to do my best to … Continue reading 2017 Let’s Be Amazing ♥


FitMAS Friday: Wedding Dress Motivation

One of my very 1st posts was about how we are planning to renew our vows next year for our 10 year wedding anniversary. It’s now just under a year away so I thought I best get my wedding dress from my Mum in-laws attic to see if it still fits. It has been 9 years after all. The good news is, it does indeed fit. … Continue reading FitMAS Friday: Wedding Dress Motivation

My Sisters and I ♥

Emotional Going Home For Christmas

This year we are heading to my hometown of Spennymoor, Co.Durham for Christmas. I haven’t been back since Christmas 2013 and I don’t go back often. Whenever I have to go back home I’m filled with excitement, dread and anxiety. I can’t frigging wait to see my family and friends. I’m particularly excited to give my sisters a big swish and see my gorgeous hilarious … Continue reading Emotional Going Home For Christmas


FitMAS Friday: Why I Quit Veganism Yet Doing Veganuary

If you’ve been reading my Fitmas posts, you’ll know I haven’t been doing well in my quest to be healthy and fitter in the run up to Christmas. Rather than dwelling on that I’m going to focus my attention on what I can do well at in the future. If you’ve been following me a while you’ll know in 2015 I went from being someone … Continue reading FitMAS Friday: Why I Quit Veganism Yet Doing Veganuary