Naturally improving anxiety is the way forward for me. Anxiety is something I hadn’t realised I suffered from until I was 30. I think it’s always been there, I just didn’t know what it was before.

Now I’m aware of it I really try to keep it in check. Sometimes I literally wake up anxious. If I don’t do something about it then it will take over and I can feel pretty low. In the past, I’ve suffered from depression, but there have also been times when I thought my depression was coming back until I realised that I was actually just anxious.

Coping with anxiety

When I say ‘just’ anxious, that isn’t to dismiss how serious anxiety can be. Anxiety is an internal nightmare and it has very varying degrees of severity.

For me simply recognising as quickly as possible I’m anxious and doing something about it will usually provide some relief pretty quickly.

If like me, you suffer from anxiety then here are 10 things that can help. Although, disclaimer this is not expert advice it’s simply what’s helped my fellow bloggers and me. Please do seek expert advice too. You deserve to live anxiety-free.

10 Ways To Naturally Improve Anxiety

1) Exercise

Yep, you probably knew that this was coming but exercise really does help. I really notice a difference in how I feel when I make time to exercise.


“Yoga has been helping me. I do 20 minutes most mornings.”
Emma – Devon Mum

“I leave the house a total state and run until I feel better. Then come home all zen!”
Louise – Pink Pear Bear

 “Exercise definitely helps. Being able to get out of the house, even if it’s just 20 minutes to go for a run. It’s a bit of me time, helps to boost your mood and confidence, plus helps your energy levels too.”
Emily – Twin Mummy & Daddy

2) Aromatherapy

I love aromatherapy and I’m a huge advocate of the power of essential oils.  I’m always using a diffuser for essential oils. I particularly find Frankincense great for anxiety.

3) Writing

If I write it really helps me, it can be as simple as writing out my goals the night before or a blog post about whatever is on my mind.

4) Cleaning

There isn’t much that makes me happier than a clean and tidy home. When everything is messy and cluttered my head feels messy. Sometimes if I get out of the habit of keeping things tidy I challenge myself to do just 20 minutes of housework so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I nearly always end up doing more as once I get into it, I start to get motivated which makes me feel better.


“Mine is to clean down the kitchen. I use the kitchen and the living room the most and find a completely clean kitchen with no clutter clears my mind a little and allows me to prepare for the next meal calmly. I also clean the sink with zoflora so it smells fresh. “
Alex – Lamb & Bear

 5) Meditation

I swear by meditation. I’m not great at keeping it as a habit, but I notice a massive difference if I manage to keep it up daily.

kirsty dee meditation

“Meditation works for me. I like the way that it can help me keep focused on the things that I have to face in the day.”

Kelly-Anne – Mimi Rose And Me

“Meditation I literally swear by it as a preventative and to ease symptoms. It’s not for everyone but it has really helped get mine under control.”
 Sophie – Soph-Obsessed

6) Small Acts Of Self-Care

I’m a huge advocate of the little things we don’t even think of as self-care make a massive difference to our well-being. I thought it was just me that found making the bed and getting ready for the day is so good at keeping anxiety at bay. It allows me to feel put together and that I’ve actually achieved something and not just lazed around all day.

“Make your bed. It seems small but you can start the day with one small accomplishment and hopefully, that will give you a boost and lead to further small triumphs. If everything else goes wrong that day at the end of it you’ve got a nice neat bed waiting for you. Yeah it’s only a bed but you made it, it’s under your control.”
Hannah – Hi Baby Blog

“Getting up, dressed and ready for the day as soon as possible really helps me. It gives me that push to get out the door, otherwise, I’ll constantly find excuses and make myself feel worse.”
Emily – Emily And Indiana

7) Comfort

I find having someone to talk to helps. If I’m feeling really anxious I will usually give my husband a heads up. That way I don’t have to worry if I’m a little off and he’s not paranoid it’s him. Otherwise, that is something I’ll end up feeling guilty about and the anxiety will become worse because I’ll be worrying about him as well as trying to manage my own emotions.

I also find the little things make a difference. I love healing crystals and sitting at home I nearly always have a blanket on the sofa to put over my legs, it’s a comfort thing and relaxes me.

crystal healing for anxiety

The same if I’m out at a restaurant and there is a choice where to sit. I’m more comfortable out the way and not central. I’m introvert and I can get overwhelmed feeling like I’m sat out in the open which leads to feeling anxious. Luckily the husband knows this so he always lets me choose where to sit and my bestie does too.

“If I’m having an anxiety attack I message my friends and they talk me down. I find touching things helps as well – is that weird? Something solid like the wall, unmoving. Unlike my stupid brain!”
 Sarah – Mumzilla

“This may feel like a silly one and I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or if it actually works but when I went through a particularly bad patch with my anxiety at about 12, my Mum bought me a bracelet made out of Haematite which is meant to be good for stress and/or anxiety relief. Ever since then I have had a massive interest in crystal healing and I own bloody hundreds of different thumb stones, bracelets, tumble stones, pendants etc and whether they work or not, having something with me that is *supposed* to help does make me feel a little more able to cope sometimes.”
Gee Gardner

8) Fresh Air

I find for me that nothing beats going for a long walk somewhere pretty to clear my head. I love running too, but the thought of running if my anxiety is high makes me more anxious so on those days I just go for a walk. It always does me the world of good.

“Walking helps me. Just getting out in the fresh air, breathing and focusing on the small things.”
Emma – Me And B Make Tea

9) Mindfulness

Trying to focus on the present moment and getting out in nature really helps me. Especially if I have some quiet time alone. Repeating positive mantras is another big one for me, although I’d imagine the most popular mindfulness practice is probably focusing on your breath or adult colouring.

Managing anxiety

“Breathing exercises really help me. And to concentrate on that, making sure I am… and I haven’t stopped and held my breath.”
Zoe – My Little Wildings

“I find doing puzzles helps if my mind is racing at night. And I also use Rescue Remedy and the homoeopathic remedy Aconite.”
Catherine – Mama Cat And Baby Bee

10) Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

I doubt it will come as any surprise when I eat well I feel better. I don’t avoid anything, but meat for ethical reasons, but I know if I’m eating rubbish food then I’ll feel rubbish (FYI if you’re interested I’m doing a few Instagram stories daily about what I’m doing to stay healthy, all part of my September goals).

When I focus on healthy habits and I feel more organised, my anxiety stays in check. Focusing on getting enough sleep and general health really does pay off.


Good luck eliminating or managing your anxiety,



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  1. I’m very aware that my eldest daughter shows signs of anxiety and stress and often when you least expect them. I agree anxiety can take on many different forms and is often linked to depression. It’s always really helpful to be reminded of the little steps we can take to alleviate the symptoms and signs without feeling the need to seek medication or therapy for such things. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely tips – I’ve suffered from anxiety for years and find that ‘comfort’ is the key for me. I do try and push myself out of my comfort zone every now and again, but generally like to stay within my comfort zone 🙂

  3. These are really great tips, exercise really helps me with my anxiety. I think I am mostly over it now but I used to suffer awful panic attacks. Thanks for such a helpful post x

  4. These are really good tips. I suffer with GAD (amongst other things) and I find working to a schedule really helps get myself back to a less anxious state. Like you mention, I use a routine of cleaning, writing, self care and talking to friends. Mindfulness is a brilliant tool too. I’m really struggling to get back into meditation – my mind wanders so easily! I need to start incorporating exercise into my plan too. Thanks for this post, it’s really helpful. Going to redo my daily plan and incorporate some of yours and your friends’ suggestions.

  5. Some really useful tips here to help cope when things get a bit too much. I suffer from anxiety but for the last few years I’ve been unmedicated because I have found small ways to cope. Fresh air, grounding techniques and taking steps to push myself out of my comfort zone have all helped. I’ve been finding myself on the verge of panic attacks a few times lately so reading the tips has helped give me a few extra things to try. Thanks for a useful post.

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