What I got for my anniversary (beauty flatlay)

What I Got For My Anniversary

So if you’ve been watching my Facebook live videos you’ll of seen my vlog heading to the Isle of Wight for our 10 years together anniversary. Anyway, I thought I’d do a little post sharing the gifts I got from my hubby.

First off he got me a couple of Zoella gifts. I actually found out before our anniversary that he had. Now as much as I’m a big fan of Zoella I was a little worried. Generally, I only use beauty stuff that’s all natural so I was anxious he might have bought me bath stuff and creams.

However, I should have known better and trusted that my hubby knows me well enough. He got me a makeup bag which I desperately needed and a fragrance mist so I was really impressed.

Then he got me a top from Miss Selfridge that matches a skirt I have, although I did tell him he was getting me this haha.

Next, he got me some purple crystal earrings.  I had no idea about these so I was rather impressed with the thought here, I love crystals so that was a really nice surprise.

He also got me a frame with the quote “Believe that you can do more than you imagine”. This was something I also told him I wanted tee hee. I’m a sucker for a quote!

I also got some 100% pure beauty stuff. I’ve been desperate to try their stuff as it’s 100% natural and cruelty-free. I got an eyeliner, lip & cheek stain and a body cream.

Finally, he got me the Tony Robbins book: Money Master The Game. I had no idea he’d got me this and was so over the moon. If you’ve watched my August favorites video you’ll know I’m a big fan of Tony Robbins, but I really didn’t think he’d think to get me the book. Yay!





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