Switching To Natural Cruelty Free Makeup

I’m been into natural skin care for some time now, knowing how bad a lot of the ingredients are for us in the run of the mill skincare. Makeup is however something I’ve been a bit slow to make the transition with. Not because I don’t think it matters, just because I’ve used a few natural makeup products in the past and they’ve been rubbish. Now I’m really into using natural stuff, but even I draw the line at using products that suck just because they are natural especially when they are pricey.

However what’s even more important to me is that it’s cruelty free. I’m girlie and I love some nice makeup, but not at the cost of lining the pockets of those who have animals in labs for the sake of vanity. I like to look nice, but you vote with your wallet and that’s where I draw the line.

I can’t deny I have makeup items that probably aren’t cruelty free, in the past I hadn’t even thought about it. Now I do and going forward I’m making the switch. No longer will I contribute to animals suffering because I want a nice mascara or lippy.

So I was chuffed when the hubby bought me some 100% Pure products as an anniversary present ☺


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