Naked on Instagram

You know that moment when you innocently put a photo of yourself half-naked on Instagram. Well, let’s just say I made a big boo-boo.

Now it’s not as bad as it sounds, I wasn’t actually half-naked. People just thought I was, I only realised my error when people commented and messaged me about having no pants on my Instagram and Facebook.

So here’s what happened. I made a video which required my hubby to film a clip for me. He joked and said it looks like we have CCTV because of him being above me and I thought oh how funny, I’ll post a snap of the clip on Instagram making a joke about it. Well, apparently the joke was on me. I decided it was a great idea to put a black & white filter on it to make it look more like CCTV and hey presto it apparently made me look bottom half-naked. Oops! I had no idea. To me, I didn’t look naked. I guess because I knew I wasn’t so I couldn’t see my error, but apparently, you all could or genuinelyΒ believed I was half naked. I had friends scared to watch and questioned me about it. I mean seriously, why would I do my cleaning half named, let alone film it.

I’m not sure if to be offended or feel complimented that you’d think I’d have the confidence to do that hehe! Anyway, I did have a good giggle about it.

So if you’d like to see more of my Instagram then click here and I promise no naked pics!

Kirsty xx


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