FitMAS Friday: Fitness Planning

This week if I’m honest I haven’t been eating healthy or exercising. Not great I know when your blogging about getting fit for Christmas. Truthfully my hubby changed jobs about 6 weeks ago and I still haven’t quite got use to the change. Whilst it’s a much better change for us, it does mean I get much less help with the kids now as my husband works longer days and I’d been finding it really hard. Then my daughter started a new School last week, which again is a good move, but all the changes left me feeling emotional and quite frankly stressed. I just felt like I wasn’t on top of anything and that my to do list was snowballing out of control. Last week I had quite a few episodes of just randomly bursting into tears. Things had just took their toll on me. Sometimes nothing bad has to be going on in your life to feel overwhelmed and that everything is a little too much to handle.

Moving forward I’m now feeling better and adapting to the changes. The meditation class I go to occasionally always uses “change is easy, change is safe” as one of the manta’s to follow. It’s so true because these changes I wanted to happen, yet they totally freaked me out when they did and I became a complete stress head. Sometimes we ask for changes in our lives, but when things start  to change we almost resist the very thing we’ve asked for.


Now I just really want to embrace the changes and love them. So first on the agenda is to sort myself out by taking better care of myself. I’ve realised though when I don’t have a plan or a challenge things tend to go a bit haywire with my healthy eating and exercise especially if I’m not feeling emotionally altogether.

So I’m starting a challenge to stick to my healthy eating plan at least 70% of the days in the challenge. Plus workout 3 times a week. Then after Christmas I’ll review it and see what’s working and what needs changing.

I’m going to start the challenge of Monday the 28th November (I’m out this weekend for the 1st time in 9 months….I know lame excuse) and I’ll finish the challenge on Christmas eve. I plan to relax more over Christmas, but at the same time try to be mindful not too undo all my hard work and then start a new plan for the New Year along side doing Veganuary.

So that’s a 25 day plan, which means I need to stick to the plan 18 days to be on the plan 70% of the time. I know 70% may not seem much, but for me it’s huge. I want this to become a lifestyle I can keep and from there I’ll improve. I’ve worked out if I want to do at least 3 workout a week, that’s 14 workouts I’m aiming for in that timescale eeekkk. Again may not seem like much, but to me it seems a huge challenge as I’ve been terrible with exercise recently. It’s been non existence *slaps wrist*.

So what’s my plan:

  • Breakfast: smoothie
  • Snacks (twice a day): piece of fruit, veg sticks – basically something healthy.
  • Lunch: big bowl of soup or something simliar.
  • Dinner: veggie burger with salad or something with lots of vegtabales/nutritional value.

It’s as simple as that really ☺

I’ll be using my calendar tick off tracker, taking before and after pics and using my fitness planner too so I can stay accountable.

Wish me luck,

Kirsty xx


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