2016 You’ve Been Hard

I’m over a week late on posting my final week on my Minimalism Game (I promise it’s coming), but I kinda felt this post was more important. I’m sat here reflecting on what’s felt like a long arse year and this is the stuff I feel we don’t talk about enough.

2016 you’ve been a hardship. I’ve cried many tears this year and yet I’m lucky. Nothing traumatic has happened, no life shattering news. I’m truly blessed and everyday I’m so grateful for all I have. I sometimes feel pathetic. Why do I let the small stuff get to me so much? Truthfully I just feel it’s been an overdose of way too much small shitty stuff happening. I keep trying to be positive you know because I fully believe in the power of positive thinking and spiritual jazz, but hey I’ve come to realise something. Maybe just maybe trying to always look on the bright side means people take the piss. Whilst you’re trying to look at the good in a situation you put up with toxic draining crap and maybe just maybe it’s time to stop looking at the positives and say this is enough.

I’ve done with supporting people who don’t support me back.  I’ve done with toxic relationships. I’ve done with chasing people. I’ve done with being underappreciated and a back up plan. I’ve done million times over with people pleasing and I fucking quit being there for people who can never even check I’m OK.

2016 you’ve been eye-opening and I thank you so much. I feel grateful and humbled.

My family is what I’ve most grateful for 💞

2017 I’m ready for you with a new perspective on things and yes I know things don’t just change in your life because you’ve hit January, but here’s the thing I’ve changed a lot this year. I’m more outspoken, confidence to do stuff that others don’t get and I feel pretty frigging unstoppable!
There is nothing I can’t do, so as the song goes “Don’t believe me, just watch”

Kirsty xx


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