Easy DIY Christmas Gifts From The Kids

Three easy gift ideas that the kids can make with ease (age dependant of course) that are also very affordable. My daughter made these for her 3 teachers, but they could be given to a friend, grandparent or anyone else in the family. Or you could make them yourself and make them look much more glam like a really good Pinterest DIY for a secret Santa present.

DIY One: Santa Chocolate Sleigh

This is a super easy and a very affordable DIY. All you need is various different chocolate treats, a chocolate Santa, two candy canes and some cellophane and wrapping paper (optional bow and ribbon).

All the kids need to do is wrap the chocolate treats then cellophane everything together. The largest chocolate on the bottom for the sleigh with a candy cane either side and a Santa at the front. I got everything I needed at Poundland. Such an easy budget friendly DIY.

DIY Two: Tea Bag Christmas TreeΒ 

All you need is either a kitchen roll tube (we didn’t have one so used a plastic beaker and plastic cup we had in and didn’t need), then lots of teabags and a bow for the top. We also put chocolates inside the cup. All you do is layer the teabags around the cup/tube with cellophane and put a bow on the top. Again this is a really affordable DIY and you may even have everything at home already that you need.

DIY Three: Lucky Dip/Pamper/Treat Pot

I wasn’t sure what to call this one if I’m honest as it depends what you put inside. We went for tinsel as my daughter liked the idea that the teacher had to search to find the ‘treats’ like a lucky dip. Treat wise we did chocolates and some beauty miniatures (mini hand cream, moisturizer sample etc etc). I’ve seen people do spa pamper pots placing cotton wool at the bottom on the jar alongside a nail file and polish. The cotton wool looks nice at Christmas time as gives a snowy feel and you can add candles and beauty cosmetics and anything spa like. Or you could just fill with chocolates, tea bags or whatever takes your fancy. All you need is a jar, whatever you want to fill it with and then my daughter wrote a little tag and I helped her tight a bow with a candy cane. Super easy and less than 5 minutes to do, plus you can customise to the person ☺

Happy DIY-ing,

Kirsty xx


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