2017 I’m hopeful you’ll be amazing, not because I’ll be given everything I want, but because I’m going to give you everything I can. I’m going to give you my all.

This year I’m going to be more grateful, more thankful and I’ll do my best to be positive. I can’t promise I’ll never cry or get mad, but I’m going to do my best to keep everything in perspective. To embrace life and remember how lucky I am.

I’ll aim to gossip and judge less for I know that’s insecurity’s work and I’m over it.  I won’t fight my demons or the parts of me that are unsavoury, but instead, I’ll ask for strength to walk away with grace.  I know now that I can’t fight my way to confidence or inner peace. You have to embrace all the funks and allow them to turn into something beautiful. You have to create space to flourish. I do this by turning my attention to the things I love and turning away from what I don’t.

I hope to know on the days I’m mad that life is just asking me to respond. Life is a gift and an opportunity to learn and grow. This year and every year I get to choose my reaction to life’s up’s and downs.

The days I shed a tear I’ll try to slow down and simply aim to be kind to myself, for I already know how to beat myself up.

This year I’m not going to go on crazy diets to get skinny, but I am going to do my best to be healthy for myself. Not for an Instagram snap or because I want to inspire others for that comes at a price. I’ll do it for me because my body deserves better.

2017 I’m going to try to let go more. If it’s my door, it will open. If it’s not I’ll trust that you have something better in store for me.


I’m learning that if some things don’t get done then that’s OK. It really is OK. Work hard doing what you love, but play hard too. This year I’ll learn to relax a lot more.

This year I’ll make time for fun because it’s necessary. I ain’t talking drunken nights or wild trips (unless that floats your boat, then go for it). I’m talking giggles on my terms. To make time to do things and see people who light me up. Say hello to deep conversations, life-changing books and meditation.

This year I say screw it to social stats, the numbers mean nothing if I lose myself. This year I’ll cherish and savour the good relationships every single day and I’ll learn to master being fully present. I’ll have more grace for those relationships that don’t work out and stop taking things so personal and to heart, for there is always a reason for everyone’s behaviour. I’ll send people love and best wishes.

I’ll stop letting it wound me when people don’t support me, but see it as a blessing. The light that shone so I knew who to be around and the force that showed me I could do it for myself.

This year I bow to be happy and I hope you do too.

Kirsty x


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