30 Things That Happened When I Hit 30

It’s only seems two minutes ago that I was thinking I can’t believe I’m going to be 30, well last month I turned  31. I know I’m still young, but nonetheless I feel shocked that I’m actually 31. Like seriously, how has this happened? I mean I know how, but did someone speed up time?  I feel like I only just blinked and bam the year was gone. I could understand if I was having the time of my life last year. You know what they say time flies when you’re having fun. Truth be told I didn’t. I experienced some major shifts turning 30, but now I’m on the other side of it and finally embracing my thirties.

Here’s 30 Thing That Happened When I Hit 30:

1) I felt different. You know how people always say “so how do you feel to be ____ ” and you sort of think, exactly the same as every other birthday. Well not this time, I felt different. I had this gut feeling and anxiety that things were never going to be the same again and they weren’t. I changed.

2) I was more outspoken. If you asked me what’s up, then I’d tell you. No beating around the bush, life’s too short.

3) I stopped giving as many sh*ts. People laughed and talked about my YouTube channel. People either don’t get it or are judgemental.  I can’t say I never care about what people think, but what I can say is I rarely care. When I do find myself caring, it still never stops me doing what I want to do.

4) I was really emotional turning 30. I cared a lot about it and took it badly when I felt others didn’t. Que tears and lots of them.

5) Friendships changed. I’d changed and no longer wanted to be around people who didn’t get me. It’s too upsetting and life is precious.

6) My priorities changed. I stopped running around trying to squeeze everything and everyone into my diary and focused more on a few amazing relationships.


7) I started thinking more about the further and panicked not to have a mortgage or a career established.

8) Health became way more important than it used to be. Bring on the superfoods!

9) My hips started clicking when doing certain exercises and sometimes my knees bother me when running.

10) I gained more grey hairs and got more confused over the meaning of some text abbreviations, slang and hashtags.  Bae is a stupid word. The meaning and the word itself are equally ridiculous. I realise saying stuff like this makes me sound even older and I don’t even care.

11) I started being more true to myself. I started talking about things I’m passionate about. Before I’d of worried people would think it was all a bit woo woo. Now I don’t mind if they think that. Live and let live. That means something now.

12) I started saying sentences that my Mam used to say to me as kid. My kids think I was born in the olden days.


13) I started taking pleasure more seriously. Life is too short. Book the holiday!

14) I say “no” more. People pleasing is overrated.

15) I became closer to my Mam.

16) Being cool, no longer matters. Again completely overrated.

17) I no longer respect my elders. I respect who deserves respect. Younger or older it doesn’t matter. I respect kindness and good people. Age doesn’t come into it.  Some older people are dougebags. Some youngsters are misunderstood. It’s all relevant.

18) I’m more interested in what’s going on in the world around me, even politics. Who’d of thought it?

19) I like historical places. They are no longer boring, but a pure delight to visit.

20) I don’t get asked for ID anymore and if I do they are taking the pee!

21) Some early nights have become a necessity to coping with general life.

22) Weight loss is harder, but more rewarding.

23) Eye cream is a must.

24) Life is better. You start coming into your own and taking more risks.

25) I become fussy with who I hang out with. I don’t like small talk, so I spend time with people I can go deep with and trust.

laughing in hot tub

26) Some family still won’t get you and you start to learn to accept that rather than explaining yourself.

27) My intuition grew.

28) Time to myself became bliss. I fell in love with my own company.

29) Quality couple, family and friendship time became more important that quantity.

30) I truly learnt the meaning of the best things in life are free ♥

Thanks for being here ☺

Kirsty xx




6 thoughts on “30 Things That Happened When I Hit 30

  1. This is fab and food for thought! I can relate to many of these and one thing I have found is that I no longer people please! So exhausting! Appreciation goes a long way and it is a two way thing, I will forgive but won’t forget. I love exercising and I’m the fittest Iv ever been. I generally eat healthy but I will never give up my glasses of prosecco at the weekends or occasional indulgences…. because I can. 😘 Life has speed up and sometimes I feel there is not enough hours in a day. Time with my children, family and friends are the most precious time and I value and appreciate every minute as life is too short. 💞💞 Love the picture of us, and our time we spend together. Xx

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