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The Most Amazing Hen Do

This weekend was spent with Emma-Louise for her hen do. If I’m honest although I love this girl too bits, a few days before I really started to worry about it and just wasn’t looking forward to it.  I’d had a bad week with the kids and felt I shouldn’t be going. I was feeling that mum guilt we get about going. Not to mention I was worried about some of the itinerary lined up. I obviously didn’t tell my bestie I was feeling that way. I didn’t want to upset her especially when she had worked so hard to organise something so nice for everyone.  I can’t go to her wedding either, so to complain about this on top of not being at her wedding would just make me a bit of a twat to be honest. So as you do I thought I’m just going to have to fake it, as long as she has a great weekend then that’s really all that matters. I needed of worried though, the whole weekend was amazing. Genuinely. The whole thing was great and so if you’re looking for hen do party ideas then do give these a go.

The weekend started with a trip to Bath for a cupcake decorating class with the Bath Cake Company. This I really wasn’t sure about. To say I’m not great at this sort of thing is an understatement, so I was worried it was all going to be rather embarrassing. It wasn’t, it was lovely. We were taught how to decorate cupcakes (obviously) and it really wasn’t hard. It was fun and it was nice to have something to take home for the kids.

Cupcake decorating


Next we had lunch at the Iguanas in Bath. I shared five vegetarian tapas dishes with another fellow hen, all of which were great.


Then we headed back to Bournemouth to get ready for an evening at Emma’s with a Butler in the Buff and a slumber party. I really wasn’t looking forward to this. I thought it was going to be awkward and embarrassing. It wasn’t, it was loads of fun. Jordan from Butlers With Bums was great. He obviously picked up straight away that some of us were feeling a little awkward and within minutes he had us all at ease. He just knew what to say, how to get us all warmed up for fun games and was very attentive, making sure no one had an empty drink, that we all had snacks and that everyone was included in the fun. He made sure Emma was enjoying herself and was just utterly brilliant. To the point where I was thinking in my head, I wonder what occasion I could hire him for hehe. It was such a giggle and this is coming from the girl who really didn’t want a Butler in the Buff. He accommodated for everyone. There was varying ages between us all and two non drinkers (one of which is pregnant), but he totally made it work.

Butler in the buff group selfie

Playing twister with butler in buff

Hen do, bride and mother of bride

Butler in buff lifting bride

When Jordan left, we changed into our pyjamas and had more cocktails alongside more snacks and pizza. We watched This Is 40 and put on face masks.

Slumber party, cocktails and face masks

Face masks

The next day we headed to the Eforea Spa at The Hilton in Southampton. We chilled in the various different spa facilities. My personal favourite was the heated stone loungers. When Emma went for her treatment I made myself comfy there with a good book.

Spa day Hilton Southampton

Hot stone beds

Relaxation and reading at spa

We then went to the spa cafe for afternoon tea. I had veggie options with a camomile tea.

Afternoon tea Southampton Hilton

Cream teas

We then headed back to Bournemouth to get ready to meet up with others for a curry. Emma bought us cute transfers to wear. I’m such a child, I don’t want to wash mine off. It’s so pretty and sparkly.

Hen do with even Angels fall

Team bride transfer

Hen do fun

We finished the evening with a few drinks at the Eden Bar in Bournemouth. The whole weekend was amazing. The kids missed me so I think the break did us all some good. Goes to show when you don’t feel like doing something that’s probably exactly what you need.

Thanks Emma for a truly remarkable weekend, your truly the queen of organising. Love you lots 💖


18 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Hen Do

  1. Ah hunni I had no idea you weren’t looking forward to it and were worrying about not enjoying yourself. I’m so pleased you did enjoy yourself in the end. I had such an amazing weekend and you being there made it all the better. Love you lots hunni xxx

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