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What’s On My Vision Board 

One of the things that I think is really good for our wellness is knowing what we want. It’s difficult to have a healthy mindset and feel healthy in our bodies if you don’t define what that feels like for you.

For me, it’s feeling happy and content. It’s feeling healthy. Words like happy and healthy are so general though. Something I’d never really thought about until I stumbled Danielle Laporte’s work (totally not an Ad, wish it was, gosh I’d love to work with her).

Anyhoo I sort of feel like this is deja vu. I’ve totally said something similar in my very 1st Youtube video and most probably many blog posts. Totally cringed by that video so do forgive it. My views on it are still the same, execution just very different.

My point is do you know how you want to feel right now? You can’t say happy though, because sure you do, but what does that really feel like for you? I work now on very specific feelings and then make sure my goals are aligned with that.

It’s worth saying that you’ll only ever be truly ‘happy’ (whatever that looks and feels like for you) if you haven’t learned to be happy where you are right now. More on that Instagram post here.

she who seeks is never truly freeSo without further ado here are a few things on my vision board:


To me, that means travel, confidence, carefree, in the moment.

feeling free


Feeling fit and healthy is such a wonderful feeling, I don’t think you can beat it.



Laughing, being in the moment and that feeling of bliss.



I want to show up fully. To not be afraid to be the girl who goes after her dreams and encourages others to do the same.

feel the fear and do it anyway

Learn to love your life now, but always go after your dreams too. x





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