I’m pretty minimalist with makeup these days. Sometimes I don’t wear any, but some days it’s nice to feel like you’ve made the effort. When it comes to the beach I think less is more, so I only wear four products which are all cruelty-free of course and some natural too.

beach makeup products

The 1st product I used is the PHB Ethical Botanical BB Cream in the shade medium. It’s been a firm favourite of mine since I got it at Christmas, but it’s especially great for the beach as it gives light coverage but being natural you haven’t got to worry about your skin being caked in pore-clogging products in the heat. It’s also got an SPF of 15. You can read more about this one here.

Next my 100% Pure cheek and lip tint in shimmery strawberry. This one is another firm favourite of mine. In fact, I chose it for my best beauty item of 2016. I love it for its natural but pretty sheen look and the fact it’s natural in itself. I love that I can use it on both my lips and cheeks, which I did for this light minimalist beach makeup look. It’s made from fruit pigments, shea and cocoa butter.

Then lastly for eyes, I used two PUR products. The Fully Charged mascara (in black) I also got for Christmas. I’d asked my sister for it after I heard Niomi Smart raving about it in one of her YouTube videos. Let’s be honest her makeup always looks flawless so it had to be on my Christmas list. It really doesn’t disappoint either. It really lengthens and lifts the lashes. It lasts all day too.

makeup products shoot by the seaPur, PHB Ethical Beauty & 100% Pure makeup on the beach

The last product is a new one for me. I’d ran out of brow product and happened to be in M & S when I spotted they sell PUR products. Knowing I liked the mascara made me think I would probably like their brow product too. They had other brow products, but to be honest Clark was getting fed up so I just purchased the item that seemed closest to matching my brow colour. Which was the Browder product in medium brown. I don’t know why, but the fact it was powdery surprised me. It shouldn’t of. After all, the clue was in the name, but as I say I purchased it in a rush. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I really like it. It just shocked me as I hadn’t ever used a powder type brow product before.


I have to admit being an amateur at using it, I did get some powder sprinkled on my cheeks. Luckily, it just wiped away easy without affecting my other makeup. I’m not sure if the shade is a tad too dark for me, but overall I like how my brows look from using it. They can be quite patchy and shapeless without it. This product did not budge all day. Overall I love the finished look using all four products and I’ll be wearing it all Summer long 😊

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  1. You look gorgeous! I don’t think I’ve ever worn make up on the beach – I’d look a mess!

  2. oooh they lip and cheek tint sounds right up my street! I usually wear nothing but suncream and a big pair of sunnies, but I really like the sound of this and think the pink will be a lovely colour too. x

  3. Your beach look is lovely! I will definitely try the mascara because I am always looking for a great one. Especially in black and especially one that doesn’t fade!

    Kat x

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