Let’s be honest sometimes getting into shape can be a right ball ache. Here are five things that you can do, which will make getting into shape not suck (or at least suck much less) and dare I say it…become actually enjoyable. Like seriously, exercise can be fun.

1) Be In The Right Environment

Whether that’s running by an amazing view, working out by the beach or just in an exercise class with a great vibe. A good environment will really lift your mood and make the workout a pleasure. Sometimes it’s as simple as good company and working out with a friend.  Or if you’re a home bird being in the comfort of your own living room working-out to your favourite YouTube video.

exercise with a view

2) The Right Music

There are certain songs we love, but they aren’t necessarily the best workout tunes. I have a favourites playlist purely for running and working out. Some songs really make me wanna work out harder, get to know which ones and create a customised playlist to sweat too.

3) Something Fun

I like using skipping ropes, some like Zumba. Many moons ago I used to run Cheerobics classes which were loads of fun. Find something that works for you.

cheerobics fun exercise class

4) Kindness

I did a run last week. The weather was scorching, my music kept cutting out (and without Beyonce life is sad) and to top it off I was having the mother of all periods. As you can imagine it wasn’t the best run. In fact, it was god awful. I was so hot that I turned my top into a crop top, I was passed giving a sh*t what I looked like. I pushed myself to do a 5K which is something I’ve only recently build back up to, thinking if I managed it again I’d feel proud of myself. I didn’t. I just felt sick, dehydrated and like a roasted pig. What I should have done is went for a walk or just ran for 10 minutes. I felt pleased I’d worked out, but pushing myself didn’t feel worth it. There are times to push ourselves and times to be kinder to ourselves. Get in tune with your body.

turning my top into a crop top

5) Progress Log

Sometimes we’ll have an amazing workout and sometimes we’ll feel like we suck. Getting into shape is more a mental battle than anything else. I find using my TomTom watch really helps me. I can set myself goals and track my performance from run to run. When I look at my previous session sometimes there isn’t much to shout about, but if I look back a few weeks (and I’ve been consistent) there is always improvement which spurs me on. Before having my watch I used running apps on my phone. I  used to like the Nike app for workout logging and inspiration. I think having goals and seeing improvement can really give you a bit of a high.

Tom Tom Watch

Getting into shape should ultimately be fun. Sometimes we have to push through, but ultimately no pain no gain is overrated. Find what you love and do it ♥







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  1. As of last Monday I’m back on the fitness train and I’m finding it so hard to get motivated no matter what I do. I’ve set myself some targets, so has hubby and I am just forcing myself to get to the gym at the moment. I think once the kids go back to school/nursery in September then I’ll find it a bit easier! x

  2. As of last Monday I’m back on the fitness train except I’m struggling to find motivation! Fingers crossed when the kids start school/nursery in September it won’t feel as much of a struggle x

  3. I agree with all of this. Something else that has helped me stick with it and want to keep going is enlisting the support of friends. There is a bunch of us who all go to the same classes at the moment and its a great motivation for me x

  4. Oh man I have been telling myself for the last year that I’m going to get back into shape. 2 years ago I was at my strongest and fittest I’ve ever been. It only took one busy year for all that to fall apart and I am now at my biggest and most unfit. It’s not healthy to go from the two extremes but sometimes life just gets in the way! I really like to see the progress I am making so a progress log is essential for me.

  5. I really like your tips, I’ve been trying to get back into jogging but for some reason I’m struggling this time. I think it’s the enviroment like you’ve said, I just can’t deal with the gym and have no lovely park around me.

  6. Great tips, these! I struggle, especially during the colder months, to stay motivated to exercise, but if I don’t I can pile on two stone in a matter of a few months. It’s nuts.

  7. I really enjoy going to the gym to my zumba class mostly because of the people I’ve met there. It’s true that the right environment and the people can go a long way to support you into your getting fit journey.

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