Hey, I’m Kirsty Dee (She/Her),

I’m an ambitious, woo/witchy bi/queer woman, cat lover (stereotypical witch I know, unfortunately, I’m allergic *sad face* it doesn’t stop me though, I still cuddle ALL the cats regardless #WorthIt), teen & tween mamma, wife, trauma and complex PTSD survivor, podcast host, and a woman’s circle facilitator. I’m a huge advocate of you loving yourself and going for the more you desire.

I enjoy working out while listening to Miley Cyrus, TayIor Swift, or blasting out a bit of Cher! I’m a triple water trine sign in astrology (so I feeel all the things) and 2.4 sacral Manifesting Generator in human design. I’m big on teaching healthy relationships. So much trauma & pain is relational. I’m pro monogamy and pro polyamorous and anything else in between, coz what I really care about, is that you are being true to yourself and finding what aligns for you, that I root for. In abundance.

I believe where we can be authentically us, without shame, and be the woo that is us (AKA embrace and celebrate our differences) we thrive.

My favourite place is the beach… and enough of that… this is what I do.

I’m an emotional wellness mentor. Basically, that means I work with women to support them in creating a great relationship with themselves and those they love. I teach you how to get well with your emotions. The ones we like (joy, excitement, bliss, etc.) and the ones don’t like (sadness, frustration, anger, rage, etc.) and learning to process them in a healthy way. Coz, we know now that you can’t as Brene Brown would say selectively numb emotions. “When you numb the emotions you don’t like, you also numb the ones you do.” We aren’t supposed to be robots. We are here to feel an array of emotions (they’re a GPS for us. Telling us what is and isn’t okay for us) and used well they help us create lives we actually like. I’m fiercely passionate about this work coz my past was one of trauma and thus, I wanna create change here for future generations. To break generational trauma.

I believe we do that through having a healthy relationship with ourselves and those we love. So much pain and heartache are caused by not liking ourselves, parts of ourselves (aka our emotions and never learning how to navigate them in healthy ways), or through unfulfilling, unhealthy, and sometimes even destructive relationships. The relationship with yourself and how you feel about yourself as well as your relationships with others deeply impact you.

It impacts you in amazingly soul-nourishing ways and equally in incredibly damaging soul-destroying ways if it’s unhealthy. When our relationships with those we love are a struggle, we don’t feel so good.

When we don’t like ourselves we definitely don’t feel well.

I specialise in helping women to ‘Come Home To Themselves’ AKA they become more confident, learn to see their worth, to stop taking their inner critic so seriously and ultimately live a life authentic to them. We do deep healing work. 

My approach is holistic (mind, body, and soul). This is my roots, I studied holistic therapies at the age of 17, and I’ve been in the wellness field working with women ever since.  Over two decades later I now mentor others in emotional wellness – we cover everything from mindfulness, mindset, emotional regulation, intuition, manifesting, and astrology right through to creating healthy fulfilling relationships. I’m passionate about bringing women together and healing the sisterhood wound as I’ve seen the huge benefits and medicine for us all in doing so. When women heal from their wounds from other women that’s powerful, hence why I run regular events and courses, as well as offering 1:1 mentorship.

My approach is practical, but it’s also woo at times. Spiritual some would call it, others, witchy. I find we often crave something that is less conventional and more soul-deep. I know the woo is often mocked, AND I also know it works. I believe it was purposely mocked so you’d never know your power and feel embarrassed to even entertain the idea.

Coz if logic and science solely worked, we’d all feel amazing and yet we don’t. Many of us ticked the boxes and realised we didn’t feel so good. So I combine both. I study the science, I read the data, I use the practical and logical (where and when it serves) and then we bring in our own inner knowing. Some call it intuition, a gut feeling, others call it a higher power or ‘higher’ self. Regardless it’s coming home to yourself and your own GPS. I say to my clients “what do you think though?” (and if they don’t know, that’s okay too, we work to discover that, to discover your truth, how your intuition shows up for you. Learning what your needs, desires, thoughts, opinions, etc are. NOT what someone else tells you they are or ‘SHOULD’ bewhat’s actually aligned for you. Knowing the difference between all this and say a past trauma/wound showing up that can seem like intuition when in reality it’s actually the past showing up in your current. It’s fear trying to protect you from getting hurt because of that wound and pain from a time you did get hurt and thus it’s learning the difference for you).

See, we have been taught not to trust ourselves and to hand our power over to someone else. An authority, parent, partner, etc who apparently knows MORE about what’s good for us than we do, who knows more about us than we do. And, whilst yes, there are times to get an outside perspective or opinion, for the most part, this has been overdone. Most of us can relate to ignoring our intuition when deep down we knew that something was off and then feeling hurt or regret COZ WE KNEW (this isn’t about blaming ourselves, you are not to blame for others’ behaviour, it’s about learning to trust ourselves).  So I call BS on listening to logic over your intuition. I say we need both. Not one or the other. I call myself a practical witch.

We were taught to please, to be ‘nice’, to question what deep down we knew wasn’t right for us at the cost of our own wellness and it’s time to change that.

Here we get emotionally fit. Here, we, as corny and as cliche (and possibly as stereotypical) as it sounds create a life on your terms. Coz, YOU ACTUALLY CAN. And, here’s the best possible part too, we don’t focus on one or the other. It’s you and your relationships. Not you or your relationships. It’s both coz they go hand in hand. It’s your deep desires, core values, joy, and yes, win-wins for all. 

Don’t believe the lie, that you can’t have both a life that’s on your terms AND the relationships you desire. You can.

I’ll show you how.

Let’s be well. Let’s thrive. Let’s enjoy our lives.

Kirsty xxx