I’m Kirsty Dee (although Dee is actually my middle name, my full name is rather long!).

So what can I tell you…

Well, I’m a Mum of two and a wife. We have a cat called Jinx (that I’m allergic too, but he’s so cute that he’s a keeper) and I run Dorset Lifestyle Bloggers.

We’ve recently moved to a little village in Dorchester from Bournemouth and are now getting used to the countryside life.

To go more personal I’m a typical Pisces and wear my heart on my sleeve. I always dream big. I tried veganism and vegetarian on and off for two years, but could never stick to it. I’m now a happy pescatarian. I watch way more YouTube than television although I do love Made in Chelsea, Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Although I’m writing a blog, I find literacy really hard. Obstacles don’t stop me though.

A few things I love: spiritual stuff, natural cruelty-free beauty products, wellness and notepads.

Why am I writing this blog?

To help women love themselves, I mean truly love themselves, not the vanity type (that FYI isn’t actually self-love) but the real deal. As I learn (and I’m still very much learning), I teach. I just knew that there had to be a better way to live than just grinding and not really ever going after your dreams. It took me ages to figure out that the answer was really very simple. You have to love yourself and you have to choose to rise.

Much love,

Kirsty Dee xx