About Kirsty


I’m Kirsty Dee (although Dee is actually my middle name, my full name is rather long!).

So what can I tell you…

Well I’m a Mum of two and wife, but to go more personal I’m a typical Pisces and wear my heart on my sleeve. I always dream big.  I tried veganism and vegetarian on and off for two years, but could never stick to it.  I’m now a happy pescatarian.  I don’t watch much television although I love Made in Chelsea. I do however watch way too much YouTube, which is what inspired me to start my own channel.  The dream is to make it  big on YouTube one day.

Although I’m writing a blog, I find literacy really hard. Obstacles don’t stop me though.

A few things I love: spiritual stuff, natural cruelty free beauty products, minimalism, wellness and notepads. Oh and I love attending local Bournemouth blogger events.

Much love,

Kirsty Dee xx


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