About Kirsty

Hey, I’m Kirsty Dee (although Dee is actually my middle name, my full name is rather long!).

I started this blog as a place to share my wellness journey and it grew to become a place where I could help women learn to love themselves, find fulfilment and Choose To Rise. My passion comes because my life wasn’t fulfiling and I never felt good because I didn’t love myself, in fact, I didn’t like myself. I was sexually abused as a child, I continued to allow shitty behaviour from men until I was twenty and some of those memories are so painful, yet I learnt how to rise from it all. I’ve overcome depression, ignorance when called an attention seeker after hospitalising myself, a doctor that didn’t wanna know when I shared my abuse, betrayal and toxic friendships. I share this because it matters. Your life matters. Whatever has happened in the past matters, but it doesn’t define you.

I rose above a painful past and now live a really soulful fulfilled life. Our past shapes us, but it doesn’t need to control us. We can be happy and we can always Choose To Rise. I believe the first step is we have to love ourselves. Secondly, we have to leave what doesn’t serve us behind and create fulfilment in our lives right now. I was a victim, but I no longer am. I empower myself and I’m stronger than ever. In fact these days I feel pretty dam unstoppable, sure I have days where I doubt myself, where I think I can’t do this but never does that stop me doing anything my heart truly desires to do. I go after everything I want and that’s choosing to rise. In a nutshell, life is very good and I want others to have that too so I work with women to make a soulful life a reality for them.

More about me:

I’m married to Tony although I call him Pony. We have been married since 2007 and he’s my best friend, cliche I know, but true. We have two kids one we nickname Pie and one called Clark because Pony loves Superman.  I have a diploma in holistic therapies and REIKI Level 1, I’m a trained fitness instructor and the retired creator of Dorset Lifestyle Bloggers. To go more personal I’m a typical Pisces and wear my heart on my sleeve. I always dream big. I tried veganism and vegetarian on and off for two years, but I could never stick to it. I’m now a happy pescatarian. Although I’m writing a blog, I find literacy really hard. Obstacles don’t stop me though.

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A few things I love: spiritual stuff, natural cruelty-free beauty products, wellness, pretty much anything personal development (I’m currently training in life coaching) and notepads.

Why am I writing this blog?

To help women rise to a life that fulfils them and to learn to love themselves, I mean truly love themselves, not the vanity type (that FYI isn’t actually self-love) but the real deal. In 2018 that lead me to create my own wellness box and audio series. I just knew that there had to be a better way to live than just grinding and not really ever living a life you love. I’m not talking about an Instagram perfect life, I mean the best your life can be right now in your current situation, there is already enough filters online. We all have bad days so let’s be honest about that, but the grass is greener where you water it so it’s really possible to create a life that lights you up and nourishes you. It took me ages to figure out that the answer was really very simple. You have to love yourself and you have to Choose To Rise. Dreams are possible and I’m gonna cheerlead for you and tell you to go after them, but I also know succeeding in your dreams isn’t what creates a soulful life, it’s making this moment right now the very best it can be because life is short and all we ever have is moments.

Choose To Rise, always,

Kirsty xx