It was a full moon, a full moon in Taurus
It was an eclipse too and the moon woke me up
In fact, she’d barely let me sleep
When she has a message, she’ll shine so bright
Roar so beautifully, she pulls you in
And, a witch has a job to listen
To answer the call, to pass on the message
And, so she asked me to pass on this message to you

She needs you effective
You can’t be effective or ‘helpful’
When you’re burnt out and unwell
If you’re taking on all the things, you CAN NOT take on all the things
Please do me a favor and just stop with that
Thank you for caring, for feeling the things
Don’t turn your back, do, be that kind of person
The one who sees the suffering and shows up, who speaks out,
But KNOW this, listen closely now,
I need you effective

I need you to do that as and when you can
I need you to know your limits
To not override your body, I need an ecosystem
That does not happen if you are unwell and burnt out
I need you well, I need you to allow yourself joy too
You aren’t helping by depriving yourself of that
And I need you effective
So, take care of you
So you can be effective
So you can be part of an ecosystem
There is less suffering when your light is shining bright
Like a beacon, I need you well
I need you to not hold back on joy, that isn’t doing anyone any favors
It’s not ending suffering, learn to hold duality

I need you effective”


Be Effective

— This is an unedited page from my new book ‘Woo Wise Woman’ which is coming out later in 2024.

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