Dear Instagram

Dear InstagramΒ 

Dear Instagram, Thank you.Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I’ve been obsessed with growing my followers, because you know without a big fat following I’m no one right? I’ve been worrying about the numbers again and I’m sorry. Really sorry. See I know I’m more than my number of followers or my engagement level, but I seem to forget this a heck of … Continue reading Dear InstagramΒ 

happy & celebrating

Increase Your Confidence Part 1 – Celebrate Your Wins

Confidence is something that I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. It’s something that used to be ridiculously low. These days, I’m pretty confident in many ways. That being said, there are many areas which I know my confidence is still very much lacking. I think confidence is so important for our health and happiness. I know when my confidence is low, … Continue reading Increase Your Confidence Part 1 – Celebrate Your Wins

Body then and body now - before and after pics

Body Then, Body Now!

This week I stumbled across some photos on my laptop from this Summer, that I didn’t even know my hubby had taken. I was just chatting away to my friend Hannah by the sea and was totally unaware to his snapping away. Until then I’d been beating myself up quite a lot about ‘letting myself go’. 3 years ago I was at the high of … Continue reading Body Then, Body Now!