30 Things That Happened When I Hit 30

It’s only seems two minutes ago that I was thinking I can’t believe I’m going to be 30, well last month I turned  31. I know I’m still young, but nonetheless I feel shocked that I’m actually 31. Like seriously, how has this happened? I mean I know how, but did someone speed up time?  I feel like I only just blinked and bam the … Continue reading 30 Things That Happened When I Hit 30

I’m A Crap Mum & Blogger

Today I  feel like I’m a crap Mum and blogger. Last week I didn’t publish a single blog post. I spend a whole week just trying to catch up with people. Trying to be a good friend, wife and most importantly mother. None of which I feel I’m doing well at. People will tell me I’m great at all these and whilst I appreciate their … Continue reading I’m A Crap Mum & Blogger

January Goals & 2017 Theme

One of my favorite YouTubers for self-help/personal development stuff is Aileen from Lavendaire. She recently posted a video all about her theme for 2017. Having a theme for the year isn’t something I’ve ever done or really thought about, but I found the video really inspiring and thought it was a brilliant idea. So my theme for 2017 is to feel connected. I already had … Continue reading January Goals & 2017 Theme

My Sisters and I ♥

Emotional Going Home For Christmas

This year we are heading to my hometown of Spennymoor, Co.Durham for Christmas. I haven’t been back since Christmas 2013 and I don’t go back often. Whenever I have to go back home I’m filled with excitement, dread and anxiety. I can’t frigging wait to see my family and friends. I’m particularly excited to give my sisters a big swish and see my gorgeous hilarious … Continue reading Emotional Going Home For Christmas

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts From The Kids

Three easy gift ideas that the kids can make with ease (age dependant of course) that are also very affordable. My daughter made these for her 3 teachers, but they could be given to a friend, grandparent or anyone else in the family. Or you could make them yourself and make them look much more glam like a really good Pinterest DIY for a secret … Continue reading Easy DIY Christmas Gifts From The Kids