I Am A Ninja

I’m A Ninja (September Goals)

OK, so I’m not a ninja, clearly. I’d be a terrible ninja, however, I am hoping to kickass on my September goals. I haven’t written monthly goals since my January one and that was a total fail on my part. Publicising my goals means I actually have to do something about them. If I don’t post myΒ goals I get to slack off. January I was … Continue reading I’m A Ninja (September Goals)

January Goals & 2017 Theme

One of my favorite YouTubers for self-help/personal development stuff is Aileen from Lavendaire. She recently posted a video all about her theme for 2017. Having a theme for the year isn’t something I’ve ever done or really thought about, but I found the video really inspiring and thought it was a brilliant idea. So my theme for 2017 is to feel connected. I already had … Continue reading January Goals & 2017 Theme

minimalist-quote "if accumulating possessions hasn't made you happy, try decumulating"

The Minimalism Game

Yesterday I started the minimalism game. It’s something that just needed to be done. Β I’m much happier when I don’t have loads of clutter. If you’ve watched Monday’sΒ video, then you’ll know that inside my cupboards and drawers I’ve let things slip. The clutter has just built back up. If you don’t know the minimalism game it’s where for one month you get rid of a … Continue reading The Minimalism Game