Kirsty Dee at Southampton Boat Show 2017

Southampton Boat Show 2017

I was kindly invited to the 2017 Southampton Boat Show by Marine Super Store, now I’ll be honest I’ve been invited to quite a few events now and I wasn’t sure if this one was really for me. I’d never been to a boat show before and didn’t know what to expect. Well, except for boats of course. Tony always jokes that one day he’ll … Continue reading Southampton Boat Show 2017

I’m A Crap Mum & Blogger

Today I Β feel like I’m a crap Mum and blogger. Last week I didn’t publish a single blog post. I spend a whole week just trying to catch up with people. Trying to be a good friend, wife and most importantly mother. None of which I feel I’m doing well at. People will tell me I’m great at all these and whilst I appreciate their … Continue reading I’m A Crap Mum & Blogger

What I got for my anniversary (beauty flatlay)

What I Got For My Anniversary

So if you’ve been watching my Facebook live videos you’ll of seen my vlog heading to the Isle of Wight for our 10 years together anniversary. Anyway, I thought I’d do a little post sharing the gifts I got from my hubby. First off he got me a couple of Zoella gifts. I actually found out before our anniversary that he had. Now as much … Continue reading What I Got For My Anniversary