Minimalist Beach Makeup Look

4 Product Beach Makeup LookΒ 

I’m pretty minimalist with makeup these days. Sometimes I don’t wear any, but some days it’s nice to feel like you’ve made the effort. When it comes to the beach I think less is more, so I only wear four products which are all cruelty-free of course and some natural too. The 1st product I used is the PHB Ethical Botanical BB Cream in shade … Continue reading 4 Product Beach Makeup LookΒ 

PHB Ethical Beauty Makeup Review

My sister bought me some PHB Ethical Beauty products for Christmas. I was so excited because they’re a family run business, natural, free from nasties and cruelty-free. They also donate 20% of their net profits to charities so the company sounded right up my street. I was dubious though because my experience with natural makeup has been a bit hit and miss. Besides if I’m … Continue reading PHB Ethical Beauty Makeup Review

100%-pure-products and going cruelty free

Switching To Natural Cruelty Free Makeup

I’m been into natural skin care for some time now, knowing how bad a lot of the ingredients are for us in the run of the mill skin care. Makeup is, however, something I’ve been a bit slow to make the transition with. Not because I don’t think it matters, just because I’ve used a few natural makeup products in the past and they’ve been … Continue reading Switching To Natural Cruelty Free Makeup

What I got for my anniversary (beauty flatlay)

What I Got For My Anniversary

So if you’ve been watching my Facebook live videos you’ll of seen my vlog heading to the Isle of Wight for our 10 years together anniversary. Anyway, I thought I’d do a little post sharing the gifts I got from my hubby. First off he got me a couple of Zoella gifts. I actually found out before our anniversary that he had. Now as much … Continue reading What I Got For My Anniversary