Getting Over Social Media Addiction

I’m a huge fan of social media, it gets a bad rep but a lot of the connotations associated with the digital era I think are flawed. I wrote about that already though. Β There is one problem without a doubt about it. It’s addictive. I’d personally became very addicted. I felt I was constantly chasing my tail, feeling behind on everything and utterly overwhelmed. I … Continue reading Getting Over Social Media Addiction

Meningitis Awareness

Raising Awareness: Meningitis

A couple of weeks ago I had a guest post to raise awareness of Autism. I realised from publishing that post that I really want to use this blog for good. So I’ve decided to start a little series to raise some awareness of anything that simply needs more awareness. So this week I have my friend Nicky’s story with Meningitis. In May 2006 our … Continue reading Raising Awareness: Meningitis

The Fear: Autism Awareness

Today is Autism Awareness day and I realised how very little I know about Autism. So I asked Kelly from ‘It’s a Tink Thing’ to share what it’s really like to have a child with autism. There’s a feeling that many parents of children with special needs have. We live with it every day. It ebbs and flows, depending on the situation we find ourselves … Continue reading The Fear: Autism Awareness

A Letter To Myself On My 13th Birthday

Dear Kirsty, Happy 13th birthday. I’m sorry this letter is late. I know your birthday was a couple of days ago, but truthfully although I’m 18 years older sometimes I just don’t know how to put something so important into words. I want to do this the justice it deserves, Β the justice you deserve and I want to raise the awareness it so rightly needs. … Continue reading A Letter To Myself On My 13th Birthday