Baring It All: I was Judgemental

Baring It All: I Was Judgemental

Like many of us I woke up of Tuesday morning hearing about the Manchester attacks and feeling absolutely helpless. I felt broken and emotional. Β How could anyone do that? Lives taken and kids too. When someone innocent loses their life you feel it, but when it’s children you can’t even process it. Β In one instant your whole world can be changed. The parents, the families, … Continue reading Baring It All: I Was Judgemental

The lie we are all being fed

The Lie We Are All Being Fed

We are told we are all living in anΒ narcissistic world, where we all take selfies and over share too much. Where we get upset because our posts don’t get any interaction. Simply because we compare it to once upon a time where we’d write dairies and be mortified if anyone was to read them. We mock people for their social media presence labelling them as … Continue reading The Lie We Are All Being Fed

Nobody Told Me This Would Happen

I started taking YouTube seriously back in July 2016 and uploading one video a week. There is a lot of advise out there for budding YouTubers, vloggers and video creators, but there are some things nobody told me would happen. 25 Β Things That Nobody Told Me Would Happen When I Started YouTube: I started off with loads of enthusiastic, but when I couldn’t even get … Continue reading Nobody Told Me This Would Happen

January Favourites πŸ’ž

My January favourites are a bit of a random mix, but then again aren’t they always a bit like that. I’ve come to realise that’s kinda my style of faves. A dash of everything. My 1st favourite hands down is my new vlogging camera, the Sony HX80. I got this off my husband for Christmas and I love it. I’ve used it for vlogging and … Continue reading January Favourites πŸ’ž

Running & Mantra’s

This year I’ve started back running again after 6 months. I have to say I’m loving it. It’s hard going, I’m out of breath easily, but it’s me time. As I run I say a positive mantra and it’s like a form of meditation. Sometimes all I think about is “wow this is so hard” as I pant and struggle on, but every now and … Continue reading Running & Mantra’s