The Ultimate Girly Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Girly Gift Guide

I love reading Christmas gift guides. They’re great for inspiring you with ideas to get the perfect present for someone you love and so this year I wanted to do my 1st gift guide for you all. I thought it was best to stick to what I know best which is the girly stuff. I’m […]

The Christmas Tag

christmas chats2

The lovely Laura from Five Little Doves nominated me to take part in The Christmas Tag.  I’m so chuffed about it. It’s my 1st ever tag eek! It’s the little things in life ☺ So without further a do, here’s my answers: What’s your favourite Christmas movie? I find this question hard, but I’m going […]

Emotional Going Home For Christmas

My Sisters and I ♥

This year we are heading to my hometown of Spennymoor, Co.Durham for Christmas. I haven’t been back since Christmas 2013 and I don’t go back often. Whenever I have to go back home I’m filled with excitement, dread, and anxiety. I can’t frigging wait to see my family and friends. I’m particularly excited to give […]

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts From The Kids

easy diys the kids can make

I’m all about ease so here are three easy gift ideas that the kids can make (age dependant of course) that are also very affordable. They make for great teacher presents, but they could also be given to a friend, grandparent, or anyone else in the family. My daughter (8) made all three of these […]