Our environment can really affect our mood. I know for me personally that my environment has a massive impact on my mood. Creating wellness within your home is so important. If you can’t feel good at home, where can you?

9 Easy Ways To Create Wellness At Home

1) Lighting

Soft lighting can really change the mood of the room. I have Himalayan salt lamps which have many claimed health benefits (helpful for symptoms of asthma, allergies, reducing stress and so on).

I’m not going to claim they do all the so-called claims, although I have to say I am a believer. I will, however, say that the amber lighting is so calming and I now wouldn’t be without mine in the bedroom.

2) Aromatherapy

I have a diffuser which I will use different essentials oils in daily. Frankincense and Neroli I find are amazing for stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy and salt lamps for wellness in the home

Geranium is great at that time of the month to help me cope with my hormones and emotions. Lavender (if you like the smell) is great for aiding sleep. I’m also a huge fan of aromatherapy blends.

3) Declutter

When your space is tidy and organised you will feel better. I got into minimalism a couple of years ago for that reason. I’m definitely not a minimalist, but I am someone who believes in keeping your space clutter-free for our mental wellbeing.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaPVtRXDhXY&w=560&h=315]

4) Pamper

Nothing beats a home pampering session. So light a candle and put on a facemask whilst reading a good book. Or whatever you do for relaxation and aim to do it once a week.

I have a little roller ball massager for when I have areas of tension, which is great for getting into those little knots in the shoulders.


Tony and I also like to massage each other’s feet with a nice aromatherapy massage oil whilst we watch something on tele.

5) Plants

Having some greenery in the home is good for our health. They purify the air, releasing oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Houseplants are also said to speed up recovery time when you’re unwell.

mini cactus

Personally, I’m a fan of a cactus, purely because they are low maintenance. Basically, I like a plant that is easy to keep alive.

6) Clean 

Having a clean environment that you feel on top of will do wonders for your wellbeing. There is nothing more stressful than when you feel the house is a tip and you can’t keep on top of it.

Having a few daily cleaning habits can make the world of difference and it doesn’t have to take long.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tlqgfFS5xY&w=560&h=315]

Just making the bed 1st thing makes a huge difference to the room and I always feel more put together once the bed is made. I never used to make the bed, but since I started that one little thing was such a gamechanger for me.

7) Wholefoods

If your home is well stocked with healthy whole foods and a minimal amount of junk food you will eat better and hence feel better.

Personally (and I think many of us are the same), if I have a lot of fruit and veg and barely any processed food in then I eat better. Whereas if I have lots of unhealthy food stocked in the cupboards then you can guarantee it will get eaten, especially if I don’t have a lot of healthy food in.

img 20170617 084717 136

Always try and keep a healthy stock of foods that truly nourish you. Plan for a wellness lifestyle by having a healthy stocked kitchen. Set yourself up for success.

8) Positivity

If your environment is positive you’ll feel naturally more hopeful and happy. So have some happy quotes in the home, an inspiring vision board and of course only invite those who light you up into your home.

I have my vision board as my desktop screensaver and it works really well. I’m also a big fan of healing crystals and I don’t think you can beat a good hygge atmosphere.

9) Self-Care

Make sure to do some regular self-care at home. Anything from exercise, meditation to listening to an empowering audio whilst doing your decluttering.

Sometimes there is nothing better than simply listening to your favourite songs and chilling. Let your home become your wellness sanctuary.

This post is part of my Wellness Wednesday weekly feature, for more Wellness Wednesday posts click here. Every Wednesday there is a new wellness post at 7 pm. Update: this feature no longer runs but there are still loads of blog posts here. 



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