Girl Boss has been the current buzzword for a few years now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It worries me.

I’m all for high flying women achieving their dreams, but somewhere along the road, I think the real message about success got lost.

Being a girl boss seems to of become all about achieving, hustling, working your bollocks off. Action, action and more bloody action. Not to mention, dudes don’t say, boy boss or man boss and we certainly don’t need to either. We can say boss and own our power. Normalise it. Rather than a boss and a girl as if that’s somehow shocking, not normal and somehow less than. Anyway, I digress.

I’m a huge advocate of taking action to create the life you want, but there is such a thing as too much of a ‘good’ thing.

We need to stop hustling so damn hard. I hustle admittedly. When I hustle too much I get kinda miserable.

Perhaps that means I’m not cut out to be a girl boss and I’m OK with that. I use to think of a girl boss as someone who was carving their way in the world. Living the dream. An independent woman doing it for herself.

Don't Be A Girl Boss

Now I don’t. When I think of a girl boss I think of someone who grinds. Then, grinds some more. Who’s life looks amazing on social media, but the reality is very different.

I think confident, busy and all-around multitasker. Someone who is always on. Someone who hustles every single day.

Here’s the thing I don’t feel happy when I multitask out of trying to make shit happen, always hustling and always striving.

I’m happy when I don’t. In a world where everything is go go go, slowing down and not being part of the rat race is bliss. That actually takes way more confidence and self-trust. The self-leadership to break away from living life doing from fear and scarcity, trying to make things happen and control because you don’t trust.

I want to be the kind of woman that doesn’t need a perfect Instagram. The kind of women who can be vulnerable and know vulnerability is power (Brene Brown thank you for your work here). The kind of woman who isn’t scared to take a break, play and doesn’t need to be switched on all the time. She has nothing to prove.

I guess the lines got blurred because everyone is calling themselves a girl boss. Anyone can appear to be a girl boss online.

Go after your dreams, work hard, but if in the pursuit of going after your dreams you start to feel exhausted from it all then stop. Take some time to ask yourself, are you really happy? Working harder doesn’t mean you’re working any better.

Working smarter is where it’s at. Hustling 24-7 isn’t success to me. Success is being happy, finding ‘yalance’, building an empire around looking after yourself if that’s your thing.

In a world where everyone wants to be a girl boss, I’d settle for success at the speed of ‘yalance’.

Stop rushing, start living, start enjoying! x

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  1. I love this particular blog post Kirsty, and totally agree with you. A lot of people won’t agree with my idea that I also believe that good things will happen or that everything will work out ok when you aren’t working at full throttle all the time and that you do allow yourself the freedom to sit and do absolutely nothing!

  2. I agree we all need time out or we won’t be achieving anything! a great post and a real stop and think post. X

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