Emotional Wellness Mentorship


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Emotional Wellness Mentorship
Imagine how good it would be to have someone to talk to about the things on your mind.

Imagine how much your emotional well-being would increase if you had a safe space to fully process what was coming up for you each week.

Imagine having someone on your team supporting you in manifesting what you desire.

Imagine having and learning the skills so you can begin to thrive.

That’s what Emotional Wellness Mentorship is.

1:1 personalised coaching so you can be emotionally well, live a life wildy authentic to you, and have the most delicious soul-nourishing relationships.

Each week you’ll have a 1:1 process and align session. This means your needs, feelings, and wellness is always taken care of. What we process we release. What we suppress we keep. What we don’t face, lingers and grows. So EVERY week, you’ll have a dedicated space to process. So that crap that doesn’t serve you is eradicated. And, then we ALIGN – AKA we get super intentional. We make a plan. A plan that actually works for you and your needs, desires, situation, and season. And, every week we tweak it so that you are living life in a way you can be well. A life that truly fulfills you.

Week one is about getting clarity, creating a stable foundation by looking at what’s most pressing for you, and from there we start to build. Over an 8-week period, we start to transform your life in all the ways you desire. It’s a 2-month container completely personalised to you (followed by 10-month online group/course support). It’s one year of deep transformation, emotional wellness, manifesting, and realigning.

Book now for a happier, calmer, more joyful, confident you.
Book now to start seeing the results you desire.

Us together for 1 year is an unstoppable force.

Imagine what we could achieve between now and this time next year (hint: A LOT. A completely different reality if that’s what you desire). We’ll be getting down and dirty into all the layers that have been holding you back. Now, that’s powerful.

PLUS ON TOP OF THAT (AFTER OUR TWO-MONTH 1:1 JOURNEY TOGETHER) you get an additional 10 months of access to all my online offerings. That includes Alchemy Academy, The Liberated Course, and any other masterclasses and courses I run in that time. Basically, everything I run online from the time you have your first 1:1 session with me until a year later you will be able to access (please note in-person events aren’t included).

What to expect?

Each week for 8 weeks we’ll get on Zoom for a 90-minute video call. In these sessions, we’ll be diving into what’s coming up for you. You’ll be held in a safe non-judgmental container where all your fears, concerns, and emotions are honored. At the end of one year working together you’ll be on a radically different trajectory – you’ll be a different person. A person who feels confident, who feels truly enough, can set boundaries, has the relationships etc she desires.

See, it’s not enough to tell yourself you’re enough (that can be problematic on its own as it’s often not embodied as it prevents us from doing the work that will actually create the life we desire) see, I know there are things you wanna change about your life and for that, you need to change and not everyone will tell you that. Not change from a place of telling yourself you are not enough as you are, from a place of alignment because you desire more, you want fulfillment, soul-nourishing relationships and you are here to evolve. You wanna live a deeply meaningful purpose fulfilled intentional life. So this changing is about you becoming someone who lives so SO authentically and aligned. Changing to become the woman who actually feels damn good about herself and her life on a daily basis – who is so in tune with herself she knows when she needs to pivot, process, and rearrange things to honor her constant evolution. This is for you if you are ready to be the woman who makes the changes so you can actually live the life you desire. This is mentorship. It’s time to make the moves to create the life you want. It’s time to be the woman that has the life she wants. BE HER.

So, after your 8 weeks of 1:1 sessions, you get to continue this beautiful journey as you’ll then have all the courses to access and help you to really fully integrate all this work for the next 10 months. That’s powerful. We do not thrive without support, resources, and the skillsets. 


What if I can’t make one of the 8-week sessions? 
You’ll be given one grace week, AKA if one week something comes up for you, you can carry that over to the next week so you don’t lose the session. Please note, you can only do that once in the 8 weeks – your sessions expire after 9 weeks. If you miss another session it will still count towards your 8 sessions. This means you will need to be fully committed, but it also gives you grace if one week something comes up that needs your attention (child gets sick, etc).
When will I start and finish? 
You will need to take your first session within 30 days of booking. Then you’ll have 7 more sessions after that, once a week usually at the same time each week until our 8 weeks together are up. After and during the 8 weeks, you have access to every online course I run plus for the next 10 months after our 1:1 time ends. After the first 1:1 session, we will decide which course would be best for you to start with and I’ll get access over to you, after all our 1:1 sessions I’ll make sure you have access to everything.
How do the sessions run?

It’s all done online Via Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world. You book your sessions via Calendary which means you book a slot time that aligns with your schedule. You’ll then be sent an email with your link to join the Zoom call. Each session is up to 90 minutes. Some people prefer an hour or less – quick, potent, done and dusted/clear out the crap vibes lol – powerful. Others prefer to use the full 90 minutes allowing them a more spacious session as that feels more supportive for them to dive deeper. It allows them to REALLY, REALLY GO THERE – the choice is yours, there is no right way or better way for that matter (just what feels aligned for you) and it may vary for you from week to week depending on your needs and the time you have available. Each session is tailored to you.
Why is this a year-long experience?
I don’t believe in the ‘quick fix.’ This work takes time. So while I truly believe in two months you can radically change your life – see, I know when you spend two months working with me and you’re ready to really show up for yourself and this work a lot can change in a very short space of time. When the way you think, believe, see things, show up, the actions you take etc etc all start shifting the ripple impact of that is massive. When someone is truly ready to go all in and do this work, yes things can absolutely change very quickly and anyone that says otherwise simply hasn’t managed to do it AND, AND, AND this is important. I do not believe in a quick fix or gimmicks. I believe we need time to really integrate this work, for our bodies and nervous systems etc to feel safe. For us to be able to actually implement things and for it to last so that’s why it’s a year-long experience. The first two months you have 1:1 support and that enables us to really dig into what’s specifically coming up for you. For it to be a truly personalised experience. Then after two months of building that self-trust, and confidence, you gaining the skillsets that allow you to truly start to thrive by building a strong foundation after spending two months really releasing all the crap you’ve been holding onto you can then spread your wings so to speak and not need that 1:1 work while also still having access to this work and so it becomes fully embodied. This is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. Give ourselves an actual generous amount of time and not try to rush the process. You cannot rush this work. It also allows people an accessible way to do this work. Whilst you pay in full or over 3 months – it is a year-long experience. If you were to work that out over our 12-month period together then it works out at just £46.25 a month where you’ll of had to an experience of both 1:1 support and group online course support. See, I had a deep desire to be able to offer something that was accessible to people who truly wanted to do this work but perhaps cost was a factor (I came from a background of financial struggle) and hence this was born. You will struggle to find anything of this quality and with this level of support at a better price.
What availability do you have?
You can check my schedule here for the availability I have left. Please note, this can change anytime so if there is a time you want you need to book it up. Once payment has been made, you’ll be invited to do just that. You’ll be sent an email with the scheduler on for you to book your sessions once payment has been made. If you book sessions and you haven’t paid, they’ll be canceled. This schedule is only for paid clients and availability is limited to what you can see. If you can’t make any of those sessions, then unfortunately I don’t have availability for you at this time. If you’d like to go on a waitlist then feel free to contact me with the session time and dates you like and if those hours and days I do, I will contact you when/if I have availability come up for you.
Do you have a payment plan option? 
Yes, you can pay £185 per month for 3 months if preferred. Please get in touch if you’d like to set that up.
Refund policy & results?
There are no refunds and all sales are final. Whilst, I 1000% believe you’ll be happy with working with me, your experience, and your results, I can’t guarantee anything for legal reasons. Nor am I a licensed therapist or counselor or otherwise, if that’s what you’re looking for or need, this isn’t that. It is not intended to be a substitute for therapy or trauma recovery. You are 100% responsible for your results and doing the work. Please read the full terms and conditions if you have any concerns.
Anything else?
Ask away. Drop me a message on social media or email me.

Let’s create some magic together. Some alchemy. It’s time to feel great about you.


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