Extreme Loyalty Is A Trauma Response

It's Time To Move On

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but extreme loyalty is a trauma response. Loyalty is thrown around as a positive thing without nuance. It’s used to manipulate people to stay in dysfunctional relationships. I’ll say this louder for the people at the back – EXTREME LOYALTY IS A TRAUMA RESPONSE! What do I […]

Be Effective

Woman under Full Moon

It was a full moon, a full moon in Taurus It was an eclipse too and the moon woke me up In fact, she’d barely let me sleep When she has a message, she’ll shine so bright Roar so beautifully, she pulls you in And, a witch has a job to listen To answer the […]

True Love Means You’ll Have Boundaries

soulful living with kirsty dee

I really came to realise in the last year how true love means you’ll have boundaries. In all my relationships that flourish there is a lot of respect there and the ones that don’t flourish there is either no respect or I simply haven’t put boundaries in place (AKA I’m not respecting or honoring myself). […]

It’s OK To Be Bitter

Choose To Rise

It’s OK to be bitter. I don’t want you to be bitter but I want you to know if you are it’s OK and to some degree- super healthy. Sometimes things happen that will leave a sour taste in our mouth and that’s OK. It’s OK to be angry, hurt or even jealous. These emotions […]

Rising From Negative Emotions

Rising From Negative Emotions

I leapt then nosedived. Not literally, but the last week and a half I totally felt like that. Stepping into the wilderness of being truly vulnerable has been something I’ve always tried to do since watching the Brene Brown Ted Talk on YouTube years ago. It really resonated with me because authenticity is everything. If […]

Choose To Rise

Choose To Rise

CHOOSE TO RISE A poem by Kirsty Dee   Sometimes you’ll be knocked down, Sometimes you’ll be hurt, Sometimes people will screw you over or at least it will feel like that. Choose To Rise.   There will be days when everything feels great, They’ll be days when you wanna say “fuck this shit”Β  and […]

Pleasure Is Important – Even If You’re ‘Just’ A Mum

Pleasure Is Important

Do you ever just really like you should be doing something or that there is just always something to do? Until recently I just always felt like I ‘should’ be doing something and that there was just always something that needed doing. Recently I’ve really cut back on my workload. I’ve been doing less with […]

5 Things You Must Do When You’re Feeling Stressed

Stress Tips / Stress Ball

There is no denying I’ve been feeling pretty stressed, although the last couple of days I’ve been feeling really good again. Yay. I’m kinda scared to admit to feeling good again in case I jinx myself and feel stressed again. Lolz. It’s crazy how my mind works I swear. Anyway, I’d been feeling super stressed […]

I Meditate Because I Have A Temper

I meditate because I have a temper

I don’t meditate because I’m a woo-woo spirit junkie, alright perhaps I am (a bit, maybe A LOT, who knows, it’s subjective). My point is that’s not why I meditate. I meditate because I worry too much, care too much, and lose my temper too much. I have a short fuss. I can’t tolerate BS […]

10 Ways To Naturally Improve Anxiety

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Naturally improving anxiety is the way forward for me.Β Anxiety is something I hadn’t realised I suffered from until I was 30. I think it’s always been there, I just didn’t know what it was before. Now I’m aware of it I really try to keep it in check. Sometimes I literally wake up anxious. If […]