This week a time-hop came up on my Facebook of a photo I’d made 3 years ago to promote the fitness classes I used to run. It basically said ‘Exercise in December and feel happier in January’. Seeing it on my timeline was really bitter sweet. It reminded me of good times and feeling really fit, but it also made me realise how lazy I am these days exercise wise.

exercise in December and feel happier in January

There is something about December that gives me no get up and go to want to work out. Despite that, the quote really struck a chord with me because it’s so true. The healthier and fitter we are the better we feel. So I’m going to do my absolute best to workout in December. Besides if I’m to stick to my challenge I need to.

Don’t get me wrong fitness isn’t a priority like it was back then, but my health should be, and exercise plays a huge role in being healthy. Eurgh. I just don’t enjoy it anymore. It seems like a huge effort. I know it’s worth it and all that, but I’m lacking any enthusiasm. I get so disheartened when I workout these days because I feel the easy stuff is so hard nowadays, but I’m going to try my best and fingers crossed one day I’ll feel fit again.

I’m planning some kind of fitness video with  Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall for January (we’ve not decided what yet), but hopefully that will give me some drive to want to work out. We both used to be really fit, but I’ve never got my butt back into shape after having my son 2.5 years ago and giving up being a fitness instructor.  Where Emma-Louise is looking to get back into shape after just recently having her son ready for her wedding in September. Eek!

Working out with Emma-Louise  in 2013 ☺

I hope you’re all finding being healthy in December easier than me ☺

Kirsty xx

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