I never liked exercise, even way back in School I sucked in PE and hated it. The only thing I was OK in was long-distance running, but everything else I was rubbish at. Until I fell into being an aerobics instructor and then I fell in love with fitness, which is just as well as I was the class teacher after all. As you start to get fitter you kinda get the bug for it and I did. I never expected that. As I say, I didn’t plan on that career it just sorta happened. I was just trying to create a community for women particularly Mums where they could come together and get fit. Soon I realised I couldn’t make it feasible unless I was the instructor, so I did it and fell in love.

Fast forward to now and it’s been over two years since I gave up that role. Although it kinda feels like 3 years, purely because it was 3 years ago I went on maternity to have my son so was only back 3 months before I quit.

These days I just don’t enjoy exercise that much and healthy eating I’ve never loved, but when I was an instructor I was much more motivated and determined so I did it anyway and just got used to the lifestyle. When you have a class to support, you really just want to be a good role model so it gave me that drive to eat healthily and stay in shape.

So here’s what I do to get motivated:

  1. I have a daily tick-off calendar to track my progress and a fitness planner.
  2. I get accountable. I have a weekly date with my bestie to measure progress.
  3. I look for and try out different fitness challenges.
  4. I seek inspiration by following fitness personalities on social media.
  5. I have an emergency go-to meal for when I’m struggling.
  6. I really try to focus on the now. Even if all I’ve managed is a family walk I try to just focus on what I have done, rather than what I haven’t.
  7. I take before photos and look back on my progress.
  8. I just start and know motivation will come.
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Thanks for reading and good luck with your fitness goals,

Kirsty xx

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    1. Awww you seem like your doing so well. When you get the all clear from doctors and over this way let’s do a weekly workout or a run together ☺

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