If you read my blogs or watch my Facebook live videos you’ll know I’m trying to get much healthier and fitter. I’m only on week 1 and whilst these posts are to the run-up to Christmas, I really want it to be more of a lifestyle change. It’s just I can’t deny my goal is to drop one maybe two dress sizes by the festive season. I know no matter my size the goal should be self-love and embracing the body I have today. So I’m really working to dig my body right now and you know what I do. I don’t hate on my body these days, I’m perfectly satisfied with my body. The thing is I don’t wanna feel satisfied and that my body is alright, I wanna feel full of confidence and love my body. Not in a ‘look at me way’, but in a way, I can feel great in whatever I wear.

Now I know, that doesn’t automatically come from losing the inches as I’ve been there before. I do however know taking better care of myself and working on insecurities whilst making healthier lifestyle choices is a pretty great formula.

This week I’m down two inches off my butt and hips, the rest of me has stayed the same. I have to say I’m pretty pleased with that result. I’m a typical pear shape so the area I’d like to see shrink is my hips and bum. I’m pretty happy with the size of my arms, thighs, and waist. I didn’t even bother measuring my bust as if anything I’d love a bigger bust, ha!

So what have I done in week 1? Well, a little bit of exercise, I have to admit not much but I’ve improved on the norm. I’m hoping as the weeks go on that I’ll get better at making exercise a habit and more of a priority. Then I switched nearly all my lunches to something healthier. I’ve been having things like soups and pesto pasta whereas before I was pretty much having cheese, crackers, and crisps every day followed by a sneaky biscuit or two. I’ve made improvements to some of my dinners although I must admit I’ve had 3 cheat meals. This wasn’t planned I just caved in. So in all honestly I was scared I’d of put on inches this week. So I was so happy to have still lost some weight.

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One thing I have been really proud of myself is that I’ve had no chocolate, sweets, biscuits, and any of the unhealthy treat snack food. I’d got into a bit of a habit of having something unhealthy every day. I switched my unhealthy treats to a Nakd bar. I can remember 3 years ago when I was much fitter, I used to eat them and a nutritionist told me not to eat them much as they were too high in sugar. I listened at 1st, thinking well she’s the expert. So I reduced the high sugar food intake to the amount she told me to (which was just once maybe twice a week and really only after a workout), but I felt really ill and faint during my aerobics classes on quite a few occasions. So I decided it wasn’t right for me to cut my sugar too much. I totally get that sugar in the form of sweets is so unhealthy for us and to really try not to eat them, but cutting fruit to a minimum really isn’t right for me either even if it’s the high carb fruit. Nor do I eat unlimited amounts of these kinds of foods (I’m actually not big on fruit),  I just listen to my body and really try to get in tune with myself. I really don’t avoid carbs, I just try to choose healthier carbs and reduce high sugar carbs, but I still have them daily and I feel better for it. Cutting these out makes me feel ill and weak, so the moral of the story is what works for one doesn’t work for another.

Wish me luck in week 2 ☺

Kirsty xx


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