Getting Cosy With Lyme Bay Collection Candles

Getting cosy with Lyme Bay

#AD (sadly this company has now ceased trading).

Cosiness makes me happy. A Hygge approach to life is everything and setting an ambience is something I like to do daily. It’s almost become a ritual for me, light a candle, set an intention. So this is why when I was given the chance to review some Lyme Bay Collection candles I was all over that. Let’s be honest if you read my latest post you’ll know I’m not really doing that much these days, but this one is different.

Lyme Bay candles are hand-poured on the Jurassic coast of England and that makes me happy. Using locally produced products from small businesses is something I’m really passionate about. It’s not something I always manage to do but it’s something that I’m always looking to do more of. It’s one of the reasons I started Dorset Lifestyle Bloggers as supporting close to home is something I’m a real advocate of.

The candles came in beautiful boxes with ribbons and let’s be honest I’m all about the little touches. They really stand out as a luxury candle. The real question though – do they live up to my cosiness expectations? I’m glad to report they really did.

They are made from 100% soy wax which is music to my ears. I don’t believe in using paraffin unless it’s a one-off and quite frankly I don’t know how they are allowed to be sold without health warnings if used regularly but hey that’s for another post, perhaps!  Soy candles also last longer and these have a burn time of up to 45 hours.

Lyme Bay Collection

black and white candle with coloured flame

Cosiness factor-wise wise they have a wooden wick which is everything. It gives a very subtle cracking sound which makes my heart happy. I frigging love a wooden wick and the real gem for me was the smell. They smell divine. I thought they would but as I normally go for 100% aromatherapy-based candles I wasn’t sure.

Joanna who runs Lyme Bay with Charles was very transparent about this to me, which made me trust her even more. I was already aware of this, as before I discuss working with anyone I do my research, but she mentioned it to me as she saw that I like aromatherapy candles to make sure I was happy.  This made me fall in love with the company even more because I find a lot of candle companies really try to hide what really goes into their products.

Joanna explained to me how they use a mix of essential oils and natural fragrances to get a stronger scent as essential oils on their own don’t provide as strong of a scent. This made sense to me as I often wondered why it was so hard to come by.

So I’ve been using the Forager’s Basket and the Clifftop Sunrise candle over the last couple of weeks and I can confirm they smell beautiful.

Forager’s Basket is their most popular candle and I can see why. It’s a really summery happy scent with the sweetness of cider apples and the juice of wild berries.  It has top notes of apple and vanilla, mid notes of bergamot and a base note of wild berry spice. You walk into the room and you’re greeted with a beautiful uplifting summery smell. It’s lovely and sweet but not too sweet.


Lyme Bay Candle

Forager's Basket and clifftop sunrise candle

Lyme Bay Collection

Clifftop Sunrise is more feminine, relaxing and calming. I love it. It’s the kind of candle I like in the bedroom or for having a soak in the bath. It’s described as revitalising yet soothing and it really is. This one has top notes of lavender and geranium. Geranium I love as it’s good for balancing hormones and then it has mid-citrus notes and a base note of warm patchouli.

Out of the two I’m personally torn between choosing which is my favourite. I love them both for different reasons and I’ve been using them both as I can never choose between them. They’ve been making our place smell amazing.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks, lighting a candle, setting an intention before getting on with work. I’ve had a crazy busy few weeks and I’m set to be very busy for another month yet both in my personal life and with this blog so taking the time to set the mood in my space makes all the difference to my wellbeing. It’s a doable act of self-care for when I’m really busy that makes all the difference in how I feel and how productive I am.

So, I’m off now to enjoy relaxing with my candles and would like to thank Lyme Bay for gifting them to me. They truly are lovely candles and would definitely make a perfect gift for someone who appreciates beautiful smells and cosy vibes. Priced at £19 they are also a great price for such a high-quality candle.

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