I love a good hygge atmosphere and having a home that smells inviting. I love my diffuser, so when Kelly contacted me to try some Scentsy products I was over the moon to try something a bit different. I was given a selection of scents to try alongside the Etched Core Scentsy warmer. I had the scents Give Me Passionflower, Rockin Ruby Razz, Clothesline & Coconut Lemongrass. Give Me Passionflower reminds me of Summer and gives you that holiday vibe, being fresh and fruity. Rockin Ruby Razz is also fruity, but it seems really playful. Kinda smells like sweets. Clothesline & Coconut Lemongrass are both exactly as they sound. Clothesline is more subtle and literally smells like fresh laundry and Coconut Lemongrass smells as you would imagine, like coconut and lemongrass. A very fresh smell. I would say it’s more lemongrass than coco-nutty though, so if you like a citrus smell then it’s a good one.


The warmer looks great and the little cubes of scents seem to last ages. I put the warmer in the bedroom and the whole upstairs smelt lovely. Hubby said he could smell it downstairs too, but my nose isn’t as good as his. Tony really loved the smell of the Give Me Passionflower so I think this is a good scent if you have a partner who isn’t going to appreciate something quite feminine. Kelly explained that the warmer is designed to release scent at low temperatures so it doesn’t burn if you get it on your fingers on the warmer by accident. Which I think is especially great when you have kids. Kelly went on to explain that the cubes last much longer and drift further than a tea light burner and high street electric warmers because it releases over time at a lower temperature.  A cube lasts 8-10 hours but the wax doesn’t disappear, it’ll just stop releasing a fragrance. I hadn’t realised this and was waiting for the wax to disappear until Kelly explained this to me.  Not that I’ve actually needed to change the wax, the smell is still going strong after using it for 3 days on and off.

Scentsy Scents

I love the fact the warmer can be used as a nightlight too, it looks really pretty. If you have kids and want a way to scent your home then it’s a really lovely option. I have to admit I didn’t know anything about Scentsy. As I’m really into aromatherapy and soy/beeswax candles I did ask Kelly what Scentsy was actually made of. They are made from food-grade paraffin wax, fragrance oils, and colour dye.

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If you fancy a browse at the products you can visit Kelly’s website here. She also hosts parties in Bournemouth & Poole and if you fancy one you can get up to 4 half-price items and 10-15% of party sales in products for holding a party.

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