I’ve been trying to get back to being fit for what feels like forever. I’m on/off my fitness journey like no one’s business. I want to be permanently on my fitness journey, but lack of willpower gets the better of me sometimes. I can come up with all sorts of excuses. Whilst some can be justified and have merit, most of the time it’s just bad habits that I’ve struggled to break.

So in December when Matt contacted me from Flex asking me if I’d like to try their online home social fitness classes I couldn’t have been happier. With over 300 classes a day to choose from I was pretty sure I’d find something I’d like. Unfortunately back to the excuses though, I didn’t get my backside into gear and trying any of the classes till February!

The 1st class I tried was a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with Natalie Walker and I frigging loved it. I’ve done this particular class quite a few times now. I don’t know what it is about this class specifically, but I’ve just fallen in love with it. I think it’s because there are elements of the class that remind me of when I ran Work it Baby fitness classes (who doesn’t love to reminisce right?).  I will warn you though, it’s a killer HIIT class. I’m a sweaty beast after, but boy oh boy does it get the endorphins pumping. I always feel amazing after finishing this class.

Flex Fitness

There is something for everyone from cardio classes to barre classes. Even pre and postnatal classes are available. My personal favourites are the HIIT workouts, Piyo, and the rep challenges. I did a 1000 abs rep challenge last week with Linda Woolridge and I loved that too. Mainly because it hurt so bad that all I could do was giggle all the way through it. Don’t worry there are classes for all abilities, I just personally like the no pain no gain approach.

I’ve only been fully committed to Flex now for just over 3 weeks. I’ve started to see my body change shape which I’m so happy about. It’s one thing to lose weight, but I want to tone up in the process and it’s really helping with that. I have huge child care issues with Tony working long hours and having no family locally so this has been a bit of a lifeline. I love going out running, but in the last two months, all I’ve managed is one run. When Tony is home from work it’s too dark to go for a run so instead, I’ve been doing these workouts. The lovely thing is this weekend when I managed to get out for a run, I was expecting to only be able to run for  10 minutes (did you see me run/dying in January, ugh). I haven’t been out in over two months and in 9 months I’ve only ran about 4 times. Anyway, I managed a 40-minute run. Yay! It’s just nice to see how much my fitness is increasing too from the workouts. I tend to just stick to the workouts that are 30 minutes and under. I’m a busy Mum so that’s what works best for me.

Post Run Kirsty Dee

I’m also doing the one-to-one personal coaching with Flex. This is where they help create a fitness plan unique to you. The plan will be tailored to you depending on what goals you want to achieve. They also take into account your availability and your fitness ability. They come up with an 8-week plan for you to follow and then call you every week to keep you accountable. This has really given me the kick up the butt to make me work out. Every week Elliot from Flex calls to see how I’ve got on and if I’m enjoying the classes. Then he’ll amend the program if it needs a tweak to suit my goals. This has been huge for me as it’s really helping create the habit to workout and aiding my results through consistency. I thrive from accountability, but also from genuine support and feeling part of a community. Elliot really listens to what I enjoy exercise-wise, but also chooses workouts for the results I want.

I know from personal experience from someone wanting to get into shape and as a past fitness instructor, that it’s unlikely that we’ll stick to anything that we don’t both enjoy and start seeing results from. I’m really enjoying these classes and seeing results. The great thing is say you try a class and you didn’t like it, you simply click out and jump straight into the next class. Although I have to admit that’s only happened to me once. I tried to do a dance class and I suck at dancing so needless to say I didn’t get on with that. I simply just switched to something to suit my personality and before I knew it I was happily working out to something more me.

Flex Online Fitness Classes

I’m feeling slimmer, more toned, and fitter so I’ll be sticking with Flex. If you’d like to join me in getting fit then please do, the more of us in the community to support each other the better. Flex offers a free 30 day trial with no card details required. So if you fancy that then click here to start your free month’s trial (updated, sadly flex is no longer in business). Also, I’d highly recommend checking out the one-to-one coaching, although I’m not sure if there is any availability left.

So if you’re jumping on the fitness journey with me I’ll see you there ☺

Happy Getting Fit,

Kirsty xx

Disclaimer: Flex offered me a free trial in exchange for this review. All opinions as always are my own.

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