I’m going to go into that grey area, the area bloggers are advised not to talk about so we don’t upset anyone and keep our reputation clean. Well, I’ve never been one to do as I’m told.  I’m going to go there and talk politics because it needs to be talked about. For those confused about who to vote for, I want to give you some confidence with your election vote.

I originally planned on doing a post where I spoke to the Bournemouth Lib Dem team and got them to answer your questions. I had such great questions from you all and I’m so thankful, but I’ve decided to change direction on this post. To post something just from the Lib Dem’s would be a biased approach without giving the other candidates a chance to have their say. Truthfully though I didn’t want the likes of the Tories to have their say because I am biased. I want a party with heart leading the country.

When I watched this video I had tears in my eyes “People are dying and nobody cares” will forever stay with me, but I care. I really care. The Tories cuts have been cruel.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zkbgk3r0hc&w=560&h=315]

I’m not deluded I know cuts have to be made. I know some will say if people weren’t lazy & wanted to work we wouldn’t have this issue and I agree (well to some extent). Some people don’t want to work, but you’re talking about the minority. Hiding behind that dated excuse whilst you heartlessly attack the vulnerable with your cuts is nothing short of callous.

The recent attacks in Manchester & London left the whole country devastated and yet The One Love concert made us all feel love again. So I’m going to say this to you. If you want to be confident with your vote then vote lovingly. Vote for the party that cares for others. Not the party that is best for you, but a party that cares for the people. The conservatives have had 7 years in power and I’ve not spoken to one person working-class person who feel the Tories have done right by them.

what you do today matters tomorrow

Hardworking, good people deserve better. The disabled and elderly deserve better. Our kids deserve better. Will any party please you completely? No. It’s never going to happen. There will never be a perfect candidate, prime minister or party so you might lose faith and think what’s the point? Or you might approach it by choosing between the lesser of two evils, but I say to you this. What you do now matters. Your vote will make a difference because it ain’t just your vote it’s your voice that’s heard. People will ask you ” who did you vote for” and that support will grow a parties chances. Be it this time or next time or the time after that. That decision will impact you, your family, your kids and their kids. You now have the opportunity to vote for the party that you think will best look after the vulnerable, because this matters even if you’re not vulnerable. One day you might be. Who knew the recent terrorist attacks would happen and shatter so many lives, but they did. Imagine this happened and you were faced with bankruptcy on top of grief because the NHS no longer existed. The decision you make in this election will carry its weight for generations.

I don’t know yet if I’m voting Labour or Lib Dems. I’m going to spend the next few days researching at much as possible on both parties policies. What I do know is that I’m confident that both parties care more about the people than the Tories or UKIP will ever do. I plan to work hard and hope to be so financially free that I never need to rely on the government (and I’d urge you to do the same), but should I ever be in a vulnerable position I would hope that the party in charge would care. So when I vote on Thursday I’ll do it with my head held high, knowing that I voted with the greatest of intentions for a party that to the best of my knowledge cares the most. It may not be the logical approach, but logic is why we are in this mess. There is no heart in logic. Vote with heart ♥

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