Wow, I can’t believe the month is almost over already. So it’s time for an accountability check-in for my September goals (I might be slightly regretting this new feature of letting you know how I’ve done every month lolz). *Hide face and think of an excuse Kirsty*.

So I’ll be honest I didn’t start on the 1st of September, I started on the 6th of September. Whoops! My excuse is I was waiting for my daughter to go back to school and my son to start pre-school.

Lame excuse I know, but I’m going to run with it as I was just too stressed to even think about the goals I’d set. To be fair the 1st of September kicked off with the estate agents telling us they were selling our home so I was in panic mode for a few days trying to work out what we’d do.

Anyhoo, once I got started here’s how I did:

Goal 1: Get Back Into YouTube

Mission accomplished. I got two vlogs up this month albeit I was planning a sit-down monthly favourites video and one vlog, but hey ho it just panned out better to do two vlogs with having events to go to and boxes everywhere with moving.

All in all, I’m just pleased that I didn’t give up on YouTube. I’ve now hit 300 YouTube Subscribers (if you’re subscribed, thank you).

The only downside is that with moving and a holiday I’m not sure if I’ll get any videos up in October, but at least it won’t be down to fear, just circumstances. I’ll be back in November with videos once things are more settled.


Goal 2: Face Fears

This one I won’t dwell on about too much as I’ve already done a full post on facing fears, but on the whole, I’m happy with this one. I’ve really been investigating my fears and taking action on them. I’m totally gonna blow my own trumpet here and say I’m rather pleased with myself on how I’ve been facing my fears.

Goal 3: Slim Down With Healthy Habits

Meh! I’ve really tried my best with this one. I’m really not feeling that much slimmer, but it’s not even been a month yet so I must learn some patience. I’m not great with this. I tend to get fed up and go back to old habits when I don’t see results as quickly as I’d like.

I also think it’s important, to be honest with yourself.  So whilst compared to August my eating habits have vastly improved I’ve still not always eaten the healthiest. I tend not to eat so well when I’m busy and stressed and with moving I’ve been both busy and stressed.

Eating unhealthy is a bad habit I’m working to break, but I can honestly say I’ve done my best. I don’t find healthy eating that easy and I’ve really tried with this one but it’s been a struggle.

However, on the plus side, I’m rather proud of myself for consistently exercising. Yeah I know I’m blowing my trumpet again, but I really am rather pleased with myself. I really think it’s so important to celebrate those wins to be successful so that’s what I’ve been focusing on.

Fit Living UK

I’ve really struggled for a while now to form the habit to exercise regularly and this is something in September I’ve been really consistent about with the exception of when myself and the kids were ill.

I’ve been getting three workouts in a week and I put a lot of that down to going to the Fit Living UK event. That really started me on the right track and motivated me to workout. It was the definite boost I needed. Previous to that I’ve always found an excuse and being super busy/stressed moving house would have been all the excuse I would have needed to not workout but actually I’ve prioritised exercise to keep my sanity through it all.

Goal 4: Be Focused & Productive

I’ve really been consistent with my blog this month and started to treat it like a job with set hours to work.  It’s lead to securing some great PR opportunities and I’ve felt much better for being focused and productive. I’ve loved it and it’s just confirmed this is the career for me.

Goal 5: Be Accountable On Instagram

Total fail! I’m not even going to try and justify this one. It’s been a total flop. I’d planned to do daily stories on how I was getting on with my goals to keep myself accountable and that didn’t happen. When I struggled to always eat healthily I felt ashamed so I just didn’t really do the stories.

I started off well but when we all got ill I didn’t want to be a drag and moan how we were all under the weather on my stories. That meant I just didn’t make a story for well over a week. Then when I was feeling better I came back and did a little bit, but I’d lost my momentum for it combined with the fact I felt a bit embarrassed as I knew I hadn’t always eaten that well so I just didn’t end up doing hardly any Instagram stories.

Truthfully, I’m just not really sure daily Instagram stories are for me. I’ve been going on Instagram daily to post a photo and have been pretty consistent with posting daily in that way, but I’ve been trying to spend much less time on the platform and doing regular stories makes that more difficult.

After getting upset with the whole Instagram situation in the past I think sometimes it’s better for my mental wellbeing to be on it less. So I’m unsure if daily stories are really something I want to do anyway. I think life is too short for pressure so I’ve decided to just do stories as and when I feel like them.  To aim to be a bit more consistent with them without the pressure to do stories every single day.

So that’s it, I’ll see you Sunday with my October goals! x




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