Now before you get too excited. This book will probably never be finished or ever published. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve avoided talking about it in the past because two people close to me have dreams to write a book.

I didn’t want them to feel that I’m copying or taking away their thunder. I’ve come to realise how stupid that is. It’s OK to have shared dreams.

Their’s I think comes from a deep love of writing, mine is a deep desire to help others by sharing everything I’ve learned in overcoming shyness, depression, and fear.

When you suffer from any of those things, life can feel like a constant hardship and I know now it doesn’t have to be this way. This is what I want to write about.


This week, I’m doing a one-week positive challenge and whilst it’s easier than I thought it would be (yay!), there have been a few struggles.

When events have happened that if I’m honest haven’t been ideal (this is me trying to be positive without lying and saying stuff is great when it’s not).

I’ve learned that you can say something isn’t good without complaining, judging, or adding any drama to a situation. You can simply say, this happened, do what needs to be done, and move on. No criticising, no unnecessary negative energy, just what is.

So the book I’m writing, it’s for me. Maybe one day it will be for others too, but for now, it’s simply therapy. I’ve been able to write myself into feeling good. To see situations with a new perceptive. To become wiser and happier.

Life is good x



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  1. I so need to actually get my arse into gear and start writing my book! I’ve decided to rewrite one I wrote when I was in my teens as I’m lazy and don’t have a new idea haha, wish me luck! Xx

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