We’ve been living in Bournemouth for 10 years in August and I love it. It feels like home. For the past two years though we’ve been discussing if it’s time to move on. A few times we’ve come close, but then nothing has really come up so we’ve always seen it as a sign to stay put.

Recently though, we’ve been talking about it again. Hubby wants a job that’s family-friendly and I so desperately want that too. A job where there is progression or that he’ll love doing. It just doesn’t seem to exist in Bournemouth and to make things worse it’s so expensive to live here.

Bournemouth made it to number 10 on ‘The Most Expensive Cities To Live In The World’ in April on Cosmopolitan.com and was deemed as severely unaffordable. We rent and sometimes I seriously doubt we’ll ever be able to buy here. House prices are crazy in Bournemouth. The cost to rent is ridiculous, making it so hard to save for a deposit.

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It’s not all about money though, it’s the combination of those things. Unhappy in work, financially a strain and then we have no support here. We have no family here and sometimes when things are rough and you need a break there is simply no one to turn to. Yeah, we have some great friends, but they all have families and their own problems too.

So we are thinking of moving to somewhere hubby can get a better job which either has progression or is family-friendly. Ideally both. We want to be in an area that’s affordable to live in.

Sure we still won’t have any support and the thought of starting over and not knowing anyone is terrifying to the core, but there is also something really appealing and exciting about a fresh start now.

It feels like another chance to live and breathe. To not feel trapped and suffocated.  To have more money, to not always struggle. For us to be able to enjoy family time together because Tony isn’t doing anti-social hours. Being able to go out as a family and enjoy it without worrying about the cost.

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Right now we don’t know what to do. I know I don’t want to move back to my hometown, I get anxious just going back for Christmas. Nothing has come our way yet that feels right, so I’m leaving it down to faith.

If we are meant to leave Bournemouth then something will come up. If we aren’t then it won’t. The one thing I do know is if we do leave Bournemouth when that day comes it will be a very sad day.

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Bournemouth we love you, but maybe it’s time to leave you behind 😢

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  1. I feel this way about London – it’s so tough and renting means it’s hard to save the substantial amount you’d need to put together a deposit! I’ve spent my entire life in this city – it’s where I was born, went to school, met Scott, got married, had our daughter – to leave would break my heart but I also think it’s about time we did! xxx

    1. aw bless you, it is so hard to know what the right thing to do is. I keep changing my mine, but realistically I think I know deep down we need to move. What’s worrying me is my daughter though, she hasn’t long ago moved School so this a massive concern for me. I also think she will gain so much from moving Bournemouth too. It’s so hard to know sometimes. I hope if you move, you find a home you love. It’s not easy leaving somewhere you love xx

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