It’s All About ‘Yalance’

It's all about yalance (balance)

I typed in google ‘best UK wellness Instagrammers’ you know for inspiration. A massive mistake that was. I’m not gonna lie I was disappointed. There was no denying how great these accounts were, but they all had one thing in common, picture-perfect healthy food. It screamed my food intake isn’t perfect therefore I’m not part of the wellness industry. Stupid I know, but let’s be honest, sometimes we get daft ideas into our head. My Instagram is nothing like these accounts and I’m pleased about that. I think it’s important to be real.

These other accounts weren’t inspiring me. In fact, it was just depressing me. I wasn’t motivated to eat healthily, I was just reminded that I’m not there yet with my food, but you know what that’s OK. So many people still think wellness is simply just healthy food. Yawn. It’s boring because it’s BS.

If you’re a foodie blogger then I salute you, that’s no easy task.  However, to claim that someone who solely covers food is the best the wellness scene has to offer is irresponsible. You might as well say wellness is simply just about food. Wellness is not just about food. Wellness is about being healthy, mind and body. Food is just one aspect of that.

To be healthy it’s all about yalance. Yalance being ‘Your Balance’.

Balance is a myth. Nothing will ever be balanced. You will never eat healthily, exercise, be in the moment, strike the perfect family/work-life balance, make time for pleasure, have a social life, meditate, run those errands, keep the house clean, and make sure the kids have done their homework done all at the same time. Believe me, I tried.

Last week I tried so hard that I broke down, I broke my heart on the phone with my bestie. She knew something was up,  so she called me and said the usual “You Ok” and I cried and cried and cried. I sobbed like a baby down the phone to her. I was trying to do all the above whilst still struggling with personal life stuff.

walking for wellness

Sometimes you just can’t do it all. That’s OK. It really is ok. Especially if you’re going through something tough. It’s OK to feel like you’re not coping. Just do one thing, stop trying to do it all. Chat to someone. Don’t compare yourself to others (although you will, try not to). Stop trying to get a perfect balance.

Find your Yalance. Your balance could be the house is a bit of a mess but you did exercise. Or simply you don’t feel like getting into shape right now or meditating and you’re gonna give yourself a break about it. No more beating yourself up.

I feel better now and the reason I feel better is that I let myself feel all the emotions. I then stopped trying to do it all. When you let it all out and stop trying to juggle everything, things have a funny way of working out. Sometimes the best thing to do is surrender and say “I can’t do this anymore” and be OK with that. No one wins any awards for doing it all.

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