If you ever find yourself struggling in life I want you to know it’s OK. It’s OK to struggle. I don’t want you to struggle, but if you are it’s OK.

Sometimes we don’t know why we are struggling or why we aren’t over it already. Or why things aren’t happening for us and that’s OK. It really is alright.

At times things get too much, we feel lost and stressed and unsure of our next move. Generally, it’s doing less, not more we need to be doing. Reflecting and going inwards.

Not being all go-go-go or trying to keep up with the girl bosses. There is a reason I have no desire to be a girl boss.

Stop doing so damn much. It’s OK to not tick off your to-do list. It’s OK to say no. People-pleasing is yuck anyway and pointless.

Don't Be A Girl Boss

Don’t seek balance, you won’t find it. Aim for ‘yalance’ and you’ll be happier. It’s OK to let some people go and it’s even better if you can do it with grace and wish them well.

Slow down and just know you’re doing fine. Everyone struggles sometimes. Everyone gets hurt. Everyone messes up and makes mistakes. The problem is we expect to be happy all the time and so when we aren’t we struggle, panic and wonder what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just get my sh*t together like everyone else?

Truthfully, feeling good all the time is a myth and nobody has it all together.

Sometimes you will feel amazing and sometimes you’ll feel like a shitstorm has landed and you don’t know how the f*ck you ended up here. Happiness takes work. A lot of work.  Sometimes we lose our way and that’s OK.

I lose my way sometimes. I’m happy and yet I’ll feel sad for no apparent reason other than I’ve lost my way and stopped living intentionally and that’s OK. I learn. I lick my wounds and I grow wiser.  I become a little smarter next time.

I’ll compare myself and forget to just be kind to myself. I’ll wonder why I have to work so hard and feel anger when things don’t go to plan.

Then I’ll remember to be compassionate with myself and I’ll come back. I’ll slow down because I can’t keep going. Sometimes I’ll feel like a failure for that, but here’s the thing that’s OK too.

It’s OK to sometimes feel like a failure. You shouldn’t, but it’s OK if you do. It’s OK if you’re not happy right now because when you admit that you can change it. Without shame, please. Please be proud of yourself.

So I’ll say it again, it’s OK to struggle because what I’ve learnt is on the other side of the struggle is great happiness. I heard this quote recently “greatness is on the other side of pain” and damn that’s so true.

When I allow myself to feel the pain and to not numb it I heal. I find answers, hope and a new direction. Gratitude comes back and I feel light again. I feel happy, free. Love and joy flow again.

Sending you love,

Kirsty xx

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