I wrote a post a while ago called ‘Is It Time To Move On’ and it turns out it really is. I absolutely love living in Bournemouth, but for a while now we’ve been thinking perhaps it’s time to leave.

Well, my September started with a call from the estate agents saying the landlords have decided to sell so we need to move out. This place has been our home for 5 years and the place our son was born. It has and will always have a very special place in our heart. Sure, we’ve outgrown the home, but nonetheless, I’m so sad.

I’m so sad to be leaving Bournemouth although my gut tells me it’s the right decision. I love Bournemouth with all my heart and it feels like home. I love the beach, I love the atmosphere, I love the local river and being so close to the New Forest.

River Stour to Christchurch

More importantly, though I love the people. I have friends that I’m so beyond gutted to be leaving behind. Then I have to remind myself that I’m not going far and that everything always works out. To trust that this is exactly what I’ve been asking for and just what we need. A fresh start.

Truthfully though I’m scared. I’m scared of missing out and being left behind. I’m worried I’ll be forgotten and I have total FOMO.

I’ve now got to the stage where I get invited to local blogger events and have made amazing blogger friends in the area. I’m terrified to be having to start all over again. I don’t know a single blogger in Dorchester and I worry I’ll be forgotten about once I’m no longer a Bournemouth blogger. It’s crazy how our minds work eh?

Bournemouth Beach

My Anxiety keeps running in overdrive, thinking about everything we need to sort before we move.

I’m worried about the kids. Clark only recently started pre-school and he loves it. My daughter only moved School a year ago and so I never planned to move her until she was moving anyway to go to Secondary School. She struggled to make friends at her new school and it was so hard. Watching her struggle and seeing her feel like she didn’t fit in was so hard. So I vowed never to do it again until she was moving School anyway.

Now, we have no choice. There is nothing in our area in our budget, but we’ve been given a lifeline that we’d be mad not to take.

Kirsty Dee Family, one boy and one girl

It means moving 50 miles away to Dorchester, but being close to family. The kids are excited. We are excited too. A clean break, a new beginning, the end of an era. Bournemouth has been home for 10 years, but it’s time to leave.

So with a tear down my face and a lump in my throat, I say goodbye to Bournemouth. You’ll be terribly missed, but we are ready for a new chapter in our lives.



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  1. Ohh a big move but one that seems to be the right choice for you and your family. I LOVE Dorchester, its beautiful down there and I’m sure you will build a wonderful life for yourselves. Good luck lovely. xx

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