My January favourites are a bit of a random mix, but then again aren’t they always a bit like that. I’ve come to realise that’s kinda my style of faves. A dash of everything.

My 1st favourite hands down is my new vlogging camera, the Sony HX80. I got this from my husband for Christmas and I love it. I’ve used it for vlogging and I’m really pleased with it. People pay a lot of money for a vlogging camera, I’ve heard of people paying £800 and we just couldn’t justify that.

The camera was £200 on offer at Argos.  I haven’t even worked out half of the features yet so I know the quality could be much better. However, as far as 1st impressions go it’s a hit.  It’s taken my Instagram feed up a notch. It really does take beautiful photos as well as being a good 1st vlogging camera. If you’re looking for a budget vlogging camera I’d really recommend getting the Sony HX80.


Next is PHB Ethical mascara. This has been my choice of mascara for January. I won’t go on about this too much as I did a review on it already here. However, it’s definitely a January favourite.

Popchips. All I can say is these bad boys are delicious and kept me sane throughout doing Veganuary this January. I didn’t have that much luck with other vegan snacks, but I adored these in sea salt & vinegar.



Nakd cocoa orange bars. I’m a big fan of Nakd products, so I wasn’t sure whether to add these in or not because for those that follow me regularly you’ll already know this so felt like I wasn’t sharing anything new. Then I realised these had to be included, I ate one every day in January. No joke. Now if that isn’t worthy of being a favourite I don’t know what it.

Next is Tony Robbins book Money Master the Game. Now I have a confession I haven’t finished this book, or actually read many pages. I had to add it in though because what I’ve read so far got me thinking about my career and life. When something has an impact on us like that, I think we should always share it with others.

Finally, I have two YouTube videos I really want to recommend. Firstly an interview with Casey Neistat on the Lewis Howes.

Now I must have been living under a rock because Casey is huge on the YouTube scene and until recently I didn’t know who he was. It’s not a new interview, in fact, they talk about how he now has a million subscribers.  He’s actually now close to 6.5 million.

However, it’s not his stats that make this a great interview. It’s how he talks about how he changed the rules and paved his own way to success. It’s really inspiring for anyone wanting to be successful on YouTube or just be creative in general.


Lastly, a really short video. Again it’s not a new video, it’s a video I rediscovered again and just like last time it made me stop and think.  All I’m gonna say is if you’re struggling with something, surrender to what is.

Have a great February,

Kirsty x



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  1. Ah love these! The crisp things look nice, might have to try them. I still have that Goddess book I need to lend you but have about a chapter left! Will try and read tomorrow and give to you next week! xx

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