One of my favorite YouTubers for self-help/personal development stuff is Aileen from Lavendaire. She recently posted a video all about her theme for 2017. Having a theme for the year isn’t something I’ve ever done or really thought about, but I found the video really inspiring and thought it was a brilliant idea.

So my theme for 2017 is to feel connected. I already had it as a goal to feel more connected this year anyway, but I love the idea of having it as my own personal theme for the year and choosing a new one every year.  It just makes it easier to make decisions and goals throughout the year when your checking they are aligned with your theme. The theme that’s really important and personal to you is creating and designing the life you want.


So with that in mind here is my January Goals:

Exercise & Run 5K

When I’m making time to look after myself I feel at my best and definitely connected to myself (as dumb as that may sound I hope you know what I mean). I think it’s easy to lose our way and for me getting outdoors and running really helps me feel grounded. In fact, exercising in general does, but especially outdoors. So it’s my goal to exercise regularly, but ideally outdoors when it’s possible.

Meditation/ Visualisation 

The same as running, meditation helps me feel grounded and at peace. I found in the past it difficult to make the habit. When I did meditate (where I hadn’t been practicing I couldn’t get into it) I’d then end up feeling frustrated with myself for letting the practice go. This time I’m looking at it differently. If I only manage two meditations in the whole month then I’ll be happy. I’ll be proud of myself (even if I don’t switch off). It’s not about having the most amazing meditation it’s about making time for myself. Knowing if I continue making time for myself not only will meditation become better, but I’ll feel good for taking better care of my own well-being.

To Be More Present & Softer With The Kids

I’m the kind of Mum that some people will hate. I shout at my kids, not all the time, but sometimes it all gets too much and roar I’m off on one. I really want to feel more connected and have more patience with them. I had a conversation with my hubby recently that the way we were parenting really didn’t seem to be working with our daughter. She seemed miserable and so were we. We decided rather than going crazy at her for her behavior and attitude we’d try to listen more, understand what’s going on, and find out why. So I’m doing less work and spending more time being engaged and present with them. I already feel a million times better and the relationship feels good again, rather than a constant battle with someone you love to bits. I went through a stage where I was so frustrated. I felt guilty and that all I did was shout at her for not listening, then it dawned on me “maybe I was the one who wasn’t listening”.


To Complete Veganuary

Being healthier, thinking of the environment and animals is a great feeling. It’s not something I know if I can keep up permanently, but the challenge of doing veganuary for a month feels brilliant.

Positive Vibes

This month I’m really making a conscious effort to make sure if I feel myself feeling negative to surround myself with some positively. So when my bestie was over this Thursday instead of talking about random stuff that isn’t bettering our lives, we watched ‘I’m Not Your Guru – Tony Robbins’. I’ve watched it before back in the Summer. I loved it so much that it was an August favorite. Well, I loved it just as much the second time around.  I’m now making it a goal to watch, read and generally immerse myself with feel-good vibes.


To Go To Bed Early

This year I’ve been feeling amazing. When I feel my mood drop I’ve been taking action to do something about it quickly. From watching a positive YouTuber to something as simple as eating (I have a bad case of hangry at times). Yesterday at times though, I could feel myself struggling and generally feeling a bit grumpy and irritated despite trying these. I knew why. I was tired, really tired after one too many late nights. Where I’m being focusing on being more present and engaged with the kids, I’d been playing catch up on work on an evening and going to bed at silly times. I’ve had to remind myself this is pointless. When I’m tired I’m unproductive, less motivated and I feel like crap. So 5 times a week my aim is to be in bed by 10 pm.

Do you have any goals? If so loads of luck ☺

Kirsty xx

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