LIBERATED: The WOMEN’S Wellness Retreat Day


A whole day of soul nourishment.

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Liberated: Wellness Day

This is for the woman who craves more. Who wants deep fulfillment. Who has dreams and desires. Who wants to live her values and be authentic to her. She wants soul-nourishing relationships and she loves manifesting and the ‘woo.’ This is for the woman who does not want mediocre. She wants the greatest life, love, and relationships. AND THIS IS THE EVENT WHERE I’M GONNA TEACH YOU HOW TO CREATE AND LIVE THAT REALITY.

 This is the space where your cup gets filled back up. Where you can recharge. Where you get to be authentically ALL OF you. A place with other beautiful souls also doing the inner work. Who also want win-win relationships and are willing to do their part. A space with other like-minded spiritual women.

When women come together like this, powerful things happen. Shifts happen. Deep healing occurs. Manifestation becomes the norm. The standard. You create a rich life for yourself. A life you love. 

LIBERATED: The Women's Wellness Day

This Summer join us for the LIBERATED WELLNESS DAY RETREAT: a day of mind, body & soul nourishment. Setting yourself up to win.

Let your sensitive side(s), the part of you that cares, that feels, let that be your superpower. Learn how to channel it in a way that truly benefits you. See a world where we don’t feel and care is a world nobody can survive in. We aren’t meant to be robots. We are meant to feel & care. To use it in a way we can truly prosper. So we are gonna feel the feels, attend to your emotional needs and you are going to learn to become emotionally liberated and well.

So let’s do just that. Join us to create some magic in the beautiful countryside.

Itinerary of the day:

10.00 AM – The welcome.
Unwind & relax over a beverage with Kirsty and the other beautiful souls attending.

10.30-12.30 – Talk & Workshop: Let’s Get You Liberated.
You get impacted by others and you impact others, you do. It’s an unavoidable part of the human experience. It’s both the beauty and beast of life and yet when you learn how to powerfully navigate this reality in a way that serves you then you’ll witness your whole life begin to shift in positive ways. You will start to thrive and your relationships will uplevel when you learn these skills to be emotionally well and that’s what we are gonna do here. Learning to be more liberated starts here, enabling you to create the life you desire. YOU’LL BUILD SELF-TRUST & TAP INTO YOUR OWN INTUITIVE WISDOM & SOUL GUIDANCE.
12.30 – 1.30 – Lunch.
A light buffet will be provided (vegan & gluten-free options will be available) and it will also be the time you can enjoy some time in nature. Take a walk out in the field, enjoy the stunning views, and get grounded. Delight in meeting like-minded souls. 

13.30 – 14.30 – Meditation & Manifestation Session.
All the woo. Oracle cards and a meditation to deeply replenish your emotional needs and then we’ll dive into manifesting. This will be an extra potent session since we’ve already done a full workshop so you’ll have way more clarity. It’s also extra potent as we are doing it on the 13th (a day that represents divine feminine power) and not to mention it’s the waxing half moon in Libra. You just know it’s gonna be a powerful experience – that’s undeniable. Libra is ruled by Venus – the planet of love, beauty, abundance, luxury, and pleasure so I purposely choose this date for the extra potency to your mainfestations. It’s all about intention here because it’s powerful. We’ll be grounding the woo with the practical, letting the universe and the planetary transits step in and support you (coz we all need a helping hand, right?) as you manifest your heart’s desires. 
14.30 – 15.00 – Mini Break & Beverage.
A time to pause, grab another beverage (provided), and bask in some you-time. Enjoy another stroll and some fresh air. Or sit and enjoy chatting & chilling and getting to know the other attendees if that’s more your vibe.

15.00 -16.00 – Q & A  & Integration Time.
Go away with the tools so that you can integrate the wisdom and embody it in your day-to-day life. See, it’s one thing to have a soul-nourishing day, it’s another thing to let it positively impact, transform, and ripple into your whole life. Any help, tips, or advice you need this is your opportunity to ask so you can apply what you’ve learned to your current reality. 

16.00 – 16.30 – Closing Ceremony & Finish.
Leave feeling uplifted, grounded, lighter, and more confident & liberated. 

Liberated Women's Wellness Event in Dorset

Hi, I’m Kirsty, your host for the day. A trauma survivor and complex PTSD warrior, practical witch, teen and tween mamma, wife, holistic therapist, and emotional wellness mentor (and soon to be the Author of the book Woo Wise Woman). This is for you, if you’re interested in creating change, in a way that honors your pace, is gentle, takes into consideration your challenges, wounds, and worries, and has the woo element to it that your witchy/spiritual self LOVES. It’s also for those who wanna see others win & want a world where everyone can thrive & be well. For those who wanna have the best relationship with themselves, others, and life. THIS IS A SISTERHOOD COMMUNITY BASED ON LOVE & RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER. The honoring of each other. Where authenticity is celebrated and our most sensitive sides are welcomed and cherished as the superpowers they are.

Book now, to spend the day, replenishing yourself, moving beyond the fears holding you back, doing deep healing work, learning skills so you can thrive, and setting yourself up to win. 

Everything you need will be provided for you, however, for your extra comfort & pleasure I’d suggest bringing the following (optional): layers so you can wrap up or take off so you are comfortable whatever the weather. Sun hat/SPF etc if it’s hot. Bottle of water for your convenience. An exercise mat & blanket so you are extra comfortable when sitting outside or for meditation. Your journal if you wanna write notes in it. And for those of you who are into crystals etc, bring them if you wanna ground with them. 

Saturday 13th July 2024

Time: 10 am-4.30 pm
Location: Rural little countryside village in Wimborne, Dorset. Free parking. Disabled access. 

Address: Holtwood Community Hall, Holtwood, Wimborne, BH21 7DT (next to/connected to the side of the church).
Price And To BOOK: £88 – click ‘add to cart’ at the top of this page to secure your place.
Food & Drink: Lunch & beverages included (If you have any specific dietary requirements please do let me know two weeks prior to the event via the below email address).
Please note, that pre-booking online is ESSENTIAL. You can’t show up on that day – all tickets must be purchased in advance. Please bring your purchase email to the event (digital or printed and show it on arrival)
Anything else? Email me at or drop me a message on social media

PLEASE NOTE all sales are final and non-refundable. There are no cash refunds. If you email me directly and you do so a minimum of two weeks before then an exchange to another event within the next 6 months is possible. This will depend on availability and is done at my discretion. If an exchange is offered it may be on an event of a much lesser value if that’s all that’s available – there will be no alternative option. There are no guarantees of an exchange but where possible I will always try to accommodate where I can when a minimum of two weeks is given.


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