Mid-Year Reset

Mid-Year Reset

A life of deep fulfillment is not a coincidence
Let’s create the best second half of the year
It’s time to be really fucking deliberate

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walk into the rest of the year with purpose, power and conviction
This is a one-off masterclass so you can enter the rest of the year so strong, and mindful, knowing you’re gonna create a year to remember for all the right reasons. Knowing you’re laying a powerful foundation for years to come. 

It’s putting a line in the sand of the shouldn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t things and resetting your life in the direction you deeply desire. It’s intentionally and with purpose living the rest of the year. This is the masterclass where you move the trajectory of your life to a one of deep fulfillment.

It’s time to create your big beautiful life. 

What to expect?

1 live training (1 hour 50 minutes) where you’ll release what’s no longer working for you beautifully, in a truly self-honoring way. Then you’ll get clear on your path. You’ll be laying a powerful foundation going forward and stepping into the rest of the year with purpose, power and conviction. This is an interactive masterclass so bring yourself a pen and a notepad as we’ll be integrating the session as we go. You’re going to be doing this work in real-time to truly create a shift. To truly lock it in there’ll be some embodiment work and a meditation to really get you aligned 🥰


If you have been struggling with something recently or you just wanna go even deeper with this work then this bonus module is for you. It’s happening live in July for the 7-7 portal. This day represents heightened energies of the mystical, increased intuition and wisdom, enlightenment vibes, and deeper divine and spiritual connection. 


When is this happening?
The original live training has already happened and is available instantly for you. You’ll receive a link to watch it straight away or if preferred you can watch it in the Facebook group later. The bonus free training is happening live on the 7th of July at 7 pm BST.
Is there a replay if I can’t make the bonus live training?
Absolutely, grab a cuppa (or a glass of your fav) and enjoy later, babes. You can watch the replay at a time that suits you. The training will last between 1-2 hours. Treat it like a movie date with yourself. Dedicate the time, bring yourself your drink of choice and if you really wanna go all out – set the tone, light a candle, bring a journal etc. Really bring the vibes to your space. Sacred self-care. You matter. 

How long will I have access to the masterclass and bonus live training? 
This one includes lifetime access. Keep it forever so you can re-do it at the mid-point of every single year! Vibes. 
How does it run?
In a Private Facebook group. You’ll need to have Facebook to join. Once you’ve purchased you’ll get an email that will have a link to the private Facebook group. You will then be able to request to join. You will be asked for your order number which will be on your email to be accepted into the group. Please note, that your request may take up 24 hours to process (it’s usually much quicker though) so the sooner you request the better.

Please Note: If production quality is super important to you, please don’t buy this. It’s not HD quality. If however the teachings, wisdom, lessons, and doing this work are most important to you then go ahead and enjoy. If the potency of this work is what you value most then grab this and tune in. Really start creating that foundation for yourself right now. I just like to be transparent with you as for some people top production quality is important to them, which we honor here. In that case. This is not the purchase for you. As I say, if that’s not you though and you don’t mind real-life vibes, then there is something really special here that was recorded live in real-time and there is a magic and deep authenticity in that.

Refund policy & results? 

There are no refunds and all sales are final. Whilst, I 1000% believe you’ll be happy with your purchase, experience, and your results, I can’t guarantee anything for legal reasons. Nor am I a licensed therapist or counselor, if that’s what you’re looking for or need, this isn’t that. It is not intended to be a substitute for therapy or trauma recovery. Please read the full terms and conditions if you have any concerns.
Anything else?
Ask away. Drop me a message on social media or email me.

Purpose, power and conviction
It’s time to reset the clock and allow the next 6 months to be the very best they can be. 


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