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At the weekend I went to FitLiving UK with my blogger friends Ewelina and Louise. I had the most amazing time and it was the perfect way to kick start my September goals.

I’ve already posted a vlog of the event, but it was so good that I wanted to talk about some of the highlights for me in more detail for anyone who’s thinking of going one year.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1c_ajbUuhzI&w=560&h=315]

FitLiving UK is a fitness and lifestyle show by the beach and luckily for me, it was held in Bournemouth. Last weekend was the first event that they’d held and despite some serious downpour at times, the rain and windy weather never took away from the experience. I had an absolute blast even with a spat of anxiety that flared up. I left with sore muscles but on a total high.

The weekend is full of various fitness classes (over 50 classes to choose from) anything from silent meditation with yoga to a high energy HIIT class, alongside a nutrition zone and shopping village with over 70 fitness brands there. There are also over 30 educational seminars to help you create a healthy lifestyle that works for you, although I was so busy doing classes and wandering the shopping village I didn’t get a chance to attend any.

Bournemouth Beach Sunrise early morning

The event was over two days but on the 1st day, I could only make the afternoon. We went straight in for the Muaythai workshop with Lorne Castle. The Muaythai workshop is like a combat fitness class, but with a focus on technique.

2 minutes into the class I thought I was going to die, yep in the warm-up! Luckily there is plenty of time to get your breath back whilst the different techniques are explained. Despite not be able to get a lot of the technique the instructor was great and quick to remind me it was my 1st class.

I really enjoyed the Muaythai class and would seriously do a whole course, it’s really fun and I can only imagine how fit you’d get from it. Not to mention actually learning skills to protect yourself. I’d highly recommend it. It was definitely one of my faves.

On Sunday we did a half-hour high-intensity class with Alt Healthy Becki and London Paleo girl. This was right up my street, quick, fun and effective. The atmosphere was brilliant and the class involved some fun teamwork which was a total fail on my part, but totally hilarious too. These girls really know how to put on a class.

Fit Living UK High Intensity Class With Alt Healthy Becki and London Paleo Girl

My favourite class without a doubt though was Block Fit with Chico and his two fab instructors Elisha Crutchley (The Fitness Princess) and Glyn Page. Wow, what a class this was. I think it’s fair to say I’ve tried a lot of fitness classes in my life, many of which have been amazing, but this was something else.

It’s 4 workouts in one class. Block Fit consists of dance, combat, HIIT and well-being (yoga-inspired moves and meditation). Chico explained that the class is designed for the mind, body, and soul and it really was.

After each section, Chico chatted with little inspiring words of wisdom and it was like the little pep talk that I needed to hear. The class was so uplifting and inspirational and you really felt like your body and mind had a workout. It was a soul-deep workout.

The two other instructors were an absolute breath of fresh air and really motivated you. The three combined had such a happy infectious vibe and at the end of the class, I actually felt quite emotional, in the best way possible, you know like those happy tear moments? It was like that. I mean I managed to contain myself, because well that would have been embarrassing, but it really was something else.  You might be able to tell from the photo I’m a little emotional, but it honestly was an amazing experience. Oh and side note Elisha’s hair is wet as she and Chico ran into the sea after the class. That was like wow in itself, talk about seizing the day and living in the moment.

The Fitness Princess at Fit Living UK

Lastly, I want to give a well-deserved mention to the Silent meditation and yoga class on the beach with Anna Patycka. I loved this class. It was such a perfect way to start the day. The class started at 7 am and we were given headphones to wear.

It began with meditation and the 1st song that was played was Devi Prayer. That song has a very special meaning to me so I couldn’t believe it. I loved every minute of it and would totally recommend it.

So that’s my highlights from the weekend and my recommendations should you ever attend a FitLiving UK event.

Disclaimer: I was given a free ticket for this event which the lovely Ewelina sorted. I was not asked to vlog or write a blog post about it. I just really wanted to because I genuinely had an amazing time and wanted to tell you all about it.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing event and a great way to try something new when it comes to fitness. I think i would have struggled to keep up with all the different classes, but the silent meditation and yoga on the beach sounds utter bliss x

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