So it’s that time of the month where I check in with you all and tell you how I got on with my November goals.

Goal 1) Start On Wellness Book/Course

Yep, I successfully started on this. I really learnt a lot from this. It started with me posting the full circle living post and that was super scary for me, but you know, face your fears and all that good stuff.

Creating the life you want is what the book and course will be all about and that starts with full circle living, so that post was just the beginning of that. Super scary because not everyone will get it and because it’s not ‘there’ yet. Nowhere near.

The post was just a rough partial first chapter of the basics because you can follow all the steps, but unless you have healthy and positive thoughts whirling around your brain it’s never gonna work, but hey I’ve made a start.

It’s been great for me because it’s forced me to focus and ask myself “am I living that full-circle life” and I realised I really wasn’t. There is a lot of work to be done and it’s liberating to acknowledge that and to be honest about it. To really do the work and not just talk BS about it because it sounds dreamy to be living a full-circle life.

Goal 2)  Start Saving To Go Self-Hosted

Yep, did this too. Didn’t save as much as I wanted to because you know, Christmas. I’ve also decided that I’m not sure it’s the right step for me in January.

Doing the work for the wellness book and having to ask myself questions about what I really want I soon realised that my next best move is to invest in my branding 1st.

So I’ve decided to get a new YouTube intro sorted and get my logo slightly tweaked, you know, so it’s more professional.  Then I’ll invest in self-hosting. One step at a time. It’s way too easy to just blow money, I need to get this right.

Goal 3) Work On Getting Some Abs

Epic fail. There is no other way to put it, failed miserably. I struggled this month and I lost my way with my exercise and eating habits.

I’m not gonna worry about it, well that’s actually a lie, I do worry about it, but I’m gonna make a conscious effort to not worry about it. It happens. We fall off the healthy lifestyle wagon sometimes and that’s just it, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle where sometimes you do well and sometimes you don’t.

It’s that cliche saying ‘it’s a journey’ and it’s somewhat true. There is so much truth and equal parts BS in the ‘it’s a journey’ saying. So this is my journey. To remember that although I’ve not had the best month of being healthy, to just keep going. I’ll get there, that I know to be true.

Goal 4) Get Back To YouTube

Yes, I did this. So I wanted to get my Gran Canaria vlog up. Check. November favourites. Check. Lastly a vlog of Dorchester. Sorta happened.


So I decided to do a weekly vlog instead of just a weekend vlog so I’m actually still currently vlogging this week, hence it’s not up.

Next week it’s coming. So if you wanna see that then pop to my YouTube channel to subscribe, because honestly, I want to build up my YouTube audience. Sometimes it pays to just cut the crap and just be upfront about what you want, so in this case, I’d love you to check out my channel *flutters eyelashes*.

Goal 5) Get Back On The Road

Yes, I did it! Woop! This is very much a go me kinda moment. I’m so proud of myself and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. Lolz.

I had a massive fear of driving, but now I live in the middle of nowhere I’ve gotta drive and I have been. I even got a new car and named her Rosie (as you do, right?).

It’s just been 10-minute car journeys here and there, but I’ve pretty much driven at least every other day. For someone who couldn’t remember the last time she drove, this is big deal for me. I don’t feel ready for longer drives yet, but I’ll get there. As I always say, one baby step at a time.

I’ll be back soon with my December goals.

Until then, lots of love,

Kirsty xx

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