Wow, I can’t believe it’s November already, but I’m pleased to say that, I feel I did much better with my October goals than my September goals.

October Accountability Check-In:

Goal 1) Well-being 1st

I feel I was pretty good at prioritising my wellbeing this month. Nope, I wasn’t perfect, but I definitely made a conscious effort and I’m so pleased I made it a goal to be honest.

Last month’s goals were all about being mindful through a hectic month and so this became a goal simply to remind me to practice a bit of self-care.  I firmly believe if we don’t make time to take care of our wellbeing we become emotionally and sometimes physically unwell.

However, I’ll be honest, I still found myself very emotional and stressed at times. Although that only makes me more grateful than ever that I made this a goal. I dread to think what state my emotional wellbeing would have been in if I wasn’t making a conscious effort to check in with myself and taking mindful action to take care of myself. Something so simple but so easy to forget when you’re busy and things are more stressful than the norm.

I tried to eat better, work out regularly, listen to positive audios and so forth. Little things, but it all helped.

Goal 2) Lose Two Inches Off My Hips

OK, so this one I don’t know. We moved home and I haven’t unboxed my tape measure and I have no idea which box it’s in. I know I could go through all the boxes to find it or buy another, but I’m not going to for two reasons.

Firstly because if my well-being does indeed come 1st then frantically going through boxes just to see if I have actually lost two inches isn’t exactly self-care. I can simply wait until I come across the tape measure which I will at some point whilst unpacking.

Secondly and way more importantly it doesn’t really matter. Body confidence and health isn’t something you can get from a number. I didn’t set myself the goal for the number. I set it because last month I struggled because I didn’t haven’t anything measurable to keep myself accountable.

This month I did and it made a huge difference to my progress. I don’t know if I lost any inches, but I did notice a difference in how I felt on holiday in a bikini. I felt slimmer and that my body was changing and that I could finally see myself starting to get back in shape.

bikini confident and happiness

The workouts and trying to eat better (although I certainly was far from perfect) finally felt like it had started to show on the outside.

Even Tony said he could see I’d lost weight. Tony doesn’t usually notice. Which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s amazing that he loves me whatever my size and that’s exactly how it should be, but let’s be honest it’s also nice when you’ve been working hard if your other half notices and tells you. Sometimes it’s just music to the ears to hear it.

The nice thing about this goal has been that I still ate ice cream on holiday, had few takeaways moving week when the time was pressing and yet I still feel all my other conscious efforts to get into shape paid off.

It goes to show you don’t have to be perfect to get into shape, it really is about the overall consistency.  You can let your hair down and still see results.

Goal 3) Practice More Patience

Right, now this one, was very hit and miss frankly. At times I felt I did so well and other times not so much.

I have spoken before about how meditation helps me with my emotions, temper and generally feeling good so this month I’m gonna try and get back into it. With moving home and going on holiday, I totally got out of the habit to meditate.

Goal 4) Be On Top Of My Blogging Schedule

Yes, I managed this. All my Wellness Wednesdays posts went up on schedule despite moving and going on holiday.  I even got an extra post up to celebrate my blog’s 1st birthday and talked about my biggest blogging mistake so far.

Admittedly, this post you’re reading is up a couple of days later than usual. However, that’s only because I would have been posting on Halloween if I was to keep to the usual last date of the month schedule.

I felt like on Halloween it would be a bit strange talking goals on my blog and social media rather than being in the Halloween vibe. Yesterday I had my weekly Wellness Wednesday post so couldn’t post it then as I don’t like to post twice in one day.

I guess I just worry that it will be content overload for you all and that you’ll get sick of me if I post twice a day! So tomorrow will be my November monthly goals post and then I’ll back on schedule. I won’t of missed a post so I’m super pleased I’ve managed it. I really wasn’t sure if I’d pull it off last month with everything going on so woohoo! Go me and all that jazz.

Goal 5) Make Calls By The 7th October

This one felt almost like a silly pointless goal, but I knew if I didn’t make it a goal I’d of put calls off and then been worrying/stressing about them at the end of the month. So I made it a goal and I’m pleased to say that all the calls got done and yes I did, in fact, get them done by the 7th. I felt a million times better for it. Yay.

All in all, I feel I did pretty well with my goals in October and I put it down to doing this accountability check-in with you every month. So you know, thanks for keeping me accountable and all that.

It really makes a difference to my motivation and I’ve come to realise accountability really is key to success.

See you tomorrow with this month’s goals 🙂 x

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