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Do you ever find yourself feeling not good enough, doubting yourself?
Do you ever find yourself thinking you can’t do something or your desires won’t happen for you?
Do you ever find yourself struggling with insecurities yet you desire to feel loved, supported, or appreciated?
Do you want a love life and relationships with others that truly nourish you, built on authenticity & win-wins for all?
Do you struggle to juggle your needs with your loved ones & family?
Do you desire a home & life that is full of love, compassion & harmony?
Do you wanna live life on your terms & feel more fulfilled?
Would you like to up your wellness game & feel better?
Would you like to deepen your self-trust, intuition, and instinct and stand in your power? 

*And, if you have kids, do you wanna role model the importance of taking care of yourself & loving each other (so that they grow up knowing they too are worthy of self-care and love too)?

Then #OneLoveTober is for you


When women gather together powerful things happen. When we learn the skills to actually have healthy thriving relationships we revolutionise our lives and anything is possible. We break patterns, dynamics, and the conditioning that no longer serves us. We start to live lives where not only do we feel better, but it has a positive ripple impact on the lives of our loved ones.

Humans are interdependent species and as much as it pains us to admit it at times (coz it makes us feel vulnerable and not in control), we need each other. We do not thrive by doing it all on our own so we have to learn to cultivate relationships where we can all flourish. And, thus, we have to learn how to simultaneously care take of ourselves and nurture our relationships at the same time.

And, this is exactly why this challenge was created.

Coz, contrary to popular belief, self-love is NOT never seeking love, attention, and validation outside yourself, it’s knowing you’re worthy of it. Now, that’s self-love. That all parts of you are worthy and lovable.

Who’s #OneLoveTober for?

It’s open to all women over the age of 16 who want to do the work and are willing to look at their own sh*t (insecurities, inner demons, unhealthy habits etc) to create a self-loving relationship with themselves and those they love. It’s not for those who are just hoping that their lives and relationships will magically be all they desire without doing the work. No, it’s not just words to you, you actually want this so you are prepared to take action knowing full well the alternative is not working for you. We practice self-care from a place of enoughness & self-worth and thus the loving discipline of ‘it’s in my best interests and thus I show up for myself coz it’s my life and nobody can do it for me’. I am my own best investment coz wherever I go, there I am. I can’t outrun myself. 

“Wherever You Go,  There You Are” Jon Kabat-Zinn

The relationship with self matters and needs nurturing for us to be able to thrive coz I’ll say it again, you can’t outrun yourself. If you are neglectful of yourself or mean-spirited to yourself, then you’re never gonna feel good AND this impacts ABSOLUTELY everything. AND, your relationships with others matter A LOT coz we don’t thrive solo. Humans are pack animals. So we have to learn to bring our needs and desires and the needs and desires of our loved ones into harmony, to co-create magic both solo & together. 

So this is for the woman who wants a great relationship with herself, grounded in confidence and self-love, AND wants soul-nourishing relationships and community too. She wants sisterhood, friends, and relationships that truly have her back, honor her boundaries, and love her raw authenticity and she gives this back. She doesn’t want to settle for anything less. She loves hard, is empathic, and compassionate and cares deeply. 

The only love we all want is the one that actually feels like love AKA where we can be ourselves. Where we feel seen, heard, validated, and that we belong. Where it’s safe for each other to thrive and both hold and take up space.

This is for the woman who honors the sacredness of soul, and intuition, she craves magic, a spiritual and yet practical ease-filled approach. Mind, body, and soul alignment to wellness is the vibe here. She honors the witch and wild in all women, she honors the divine feminine and masculine and knows it’s not a gender. 

Welcome sister, I’m glad you are here. Now here’s what to expect. 

✨ 5  LIVE Masterclasses spread out over the month of October diving deep into all things emotional wellbeing, mindset, self-love, and relationships so you can really learn the skills to thrive, feel more confident, and have the love you want. Masterclasses will be approximately 1-2 hours long.

✨ Integration prompts & days – between the masterclasses, they’ll be micro prompts. This will be something for you to ponder on to keep you in the zone, and accountable as well as days in between to simply integrate, sit with, rest, play & process.

✨ Meditation & ‘woo’ practices for the soul & manifesting. Coz, who doesn’t want a bit of magic & a helping hand, right? Ease & flow is a vibe.

✨ One month dedicated to your own personal wellness and growth. You can do a lot in a month dedicated to taking care of yourself.

✨ Real talk. This will not be fluff. We’ll discuss genuine relationship struggles with those you love and the genuine struggles many of us have believing in ourselves, breaking habits and patterns that don’t serve us. For all, we will do the woo (coz women thrive from ritual, it’s like the homecoming our soul remembers), we do the practical too coz humaning is hard. Relationships and our loved ones trigger the fck out of us and we need to learn skills to navigate this. It’s both.

✨ At the end of the month, you’ll have a better relationship with yourself and be on the path to creating those truly soul-nourishing relationships and a life on your terms.

✨ PLUS you’ll be a happier and healthier version of yourself.

✨ AND there are prizes up for grabs for those that are engaged in the challenge & a community of like-minded souls so you’re not doing this on your own. 

What you need:

To make time for this challenge, you are worthy of this time and you will reap the rewards from making the time. You can do it at your pace, everything is on replay so you make it work for you. If you can join the masterclasses live, then even better. It’s a good idea to get a fresh notepad dedicated for use for this challenge only and bring it to the classes to make notes. Really show up. Oh, and you’ll need to join the Facebook group if you haven’t already. 

How do you join?

Easy, all you have to do is join the Woo Wise Women Facebook group and that’s it. You can also follow the hashtag #OneLoveTober on Instagram and Facebook too for more inspo and feel free to use the hashtag yourself to share your journey and to keep yourself accountable. And, if you’d like to keep yourself extra accountable then you can use this graphic below for your social media and to get your girlfriends to join.

Im Doing OneLoveTober


Why is it only open to women? Beautiful question. The simple answer is to create a space where people can feel safe. Due to misogyny and past traumas (to name a few reasons) that can be hard in a space open to all, we can only heal, if we acknowledge this and create safety. I believe this challenge will create better relationships will all genders but to do that, we have to create a safe space. In the future, if there is a big enough demand I may do something open to all genders.

Why over 16? Sometimes adult conversations may arise & I will  ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶l̶y̶  swear occasionally when I get passionate. LOL.

Why on Facebook? Community & sisterhood vibes.

When will the masterclasses be? All times for the live masterclasses will be put in the Facebook group in the events section when the challenge starts. Come live if you can. If you can’t, watch the replay. The replay will be available instantly in the group so you won’t miss a thing. Your only job is to schedule the time to watch and be committed. 

When does the challenge start? We kick off at 7.30 pm BST on the 1st October 2022 live in the Facebook group. 

How do I join the challenge? Simply request to join the Facebook group here. Make sure you answer the questions, this is to keep the group free from spammers and scammers so everyone has the best experience and we know you’re a genuine person. 

Join Woo Wise Women (Woman) Facebook here (or search on Facebook): Click here to request to join

 Other questions? Ask me. Message me on the gram @KirstyDeeShares or email me at

It’s time to feel good about yourself, and your life, to feel well, and to have the relationships you truly desire with those you love. You actually don’t have to settle. You get to be fulfilled. Abundantly so.

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