the best things in life are free (exploring wales)

The Best Things in Life Are Free (50 Things I’m Grateful Of)

The saying “the best things in life are free” is so true. It’s not just a duet with Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson, but real happiness comes from so much more than stuff, status and wealth. It’s within. Β There is nothing wrong with wanting external things or wanting to be financially free. In fact it makes life a lot less stressful and worrying when you … Continue reading The Best Things in Life Are Free (50 Things I’m Grateful Of)

The 7 Day Vlog Challenge

I love supporting the YouTube community and being a YouTuber, so I’ve put together a 7 Day Vlogging Challenge that of course I’ll be doing too. There are lots of vlogging challenges from YouTober to Vlogmas, but they are all seem to be a month duration. Which is a long time if your new to vlogging, have a busy month or just feeling overwhelmed by … Continue reading The 7 Day Vlog Challenge

The Fear: Autism Awareness

Today is Autism Awareness day and I realised how very little I know about Autism. So I asked Kelly from ‘It’s a Tink Thing’ to share what it’s really like to have a child with autism. There’s a feeling that many parents of children with special needs have. We live with it every day. It ebbs and flows, depending on the situation we find ourselves … Continue reading The Fear: Autism Awareness

Food & Fitness Friday – A Pretty Muddy ChallengeΒ 

Originally posted on evenangelsfall:
My best friend Kirsty has always motivated me in my fitness goals. I met her back when she was my fitness instructor and she helped me lose the baby weight for baby one and baby two.? By baby three she had moved on from her classes and now write a blog and runs a YouTube channel alongside working with natural beauty… Continue reading Food & Fitness Friday – A Pretty Muddy ChallengeΒ 

When Vanity Strikes

Today I weighed myself, I don’t do it often. I don’t think it’s the most beneficial way to get to health and fitness goals, but nonetheless it can provide some indication. I kid you not, I wanted to cry. Before anyone tells me I don’t have the right to be upset, because I’m slim then your wrong. I maybe slim, but that doesn’t mean I’m … Continue reading When Vanity Strikes