Scentsy Blogger Review

Getting Cosy With Scentsy 

I love a good hygge atmosphere and having a home that smells inviting. I love my diffuser, so when Kelly contacted me to try some Scensty products I was over the moon to try something a bit different. I was given a selection of scents to try alongside the Ethed Core Scentsy warmer. I had the scents Give Me Passionflower, Rockin Ruby Razz, Clothesline & Coconut … Continue reading Getting Cosy With Scentsy 

Baring It All: I was Judgemental

Baring It All: I Was Judgemental

Like many of us I woke up of Tuesday morning hearing about the Manchester attacks and feeling absolutely helpless. I felt broken and emotional.  How could anyone do that? Lives taken and kids too. When someone innocent loses their life you feel it, but when it’s children you can’t even process it.  In one instant your whole world can be changed. The parents, the families, … Continue reading Baring It All: I Was Judgemental

I Made People Mad, Kirsty Dee

I Made People Mad & I’m Sorry

We can’t always keep everyone happy. This I know to be true and truthfully I’m *almost* at peace with that. I say almost because let’s be honest it doesn’t feel nice to upset, hurt or cause someone to feel angry with you.  I know it’s impossible to keep everyone happy and people pleasing is totally overrated, which is why I’m pretty much fine with people … Continue reading I Made People Mad & I’m Sorry

The lie we are all being fed

The Lie We Are All Being Fed

We are told we are all living in an narcissistic world, where we all take selfies and over share too much. Where we get upset because our posts don’t get any interaction. Simply because we compare it to once upon a time where we’d write dairies and be mortified if anyone was to read them. We mock people for their social media presence labelling them as … Continue reading The Lie We Are All Being Fed

Franco Manca Bournemouth Pizza

Free Pizza at Bournemouth’s Franco Manca Pizzeria

If you watched my guilty pleasure video then you’ll know I do love a good pizza, so when I was invited to their intimate dinner and wine tasting in a couple of weeks I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ll vlog it for you, of course. In the mean time, Franco Manca are keeping with the Italian Tradition of giving away pizza to new customers. … Continue reading Free Pizza at Bournemouth’s Franco Manca Pizzeria


Review: Yes To Blueberries Shampoo & Conditioner

For my birthday back in February, my younger sister bought me the Yes To Blueberries shampoo and conditioner so I thought I’d review them for you. I’ve just finished them both and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. My issue with natural shampoos in the past has been they just don’t completely clean my hair. This shampoo contains 98% natural ingredients and the conditioner … Continue reading Review: Yes To Blueberries Shampoo & Conditioner